Unicon XV Countdown

Hey !

I can’t believe there isn’t already a thread for this. So here is the official countdown until Unicon XV, Wellington, New Zealand.

GMT 0:00 London Time :

Your time: 11:19PM Thu September 10, 2009
Target date: 12:00AM Tue December 29, 2009

Time remaining until this event is 109 days.

Don’t let this thread die !


Old threads don’t die, they just move farther and farther down the page count.

Still (only) 109 days (!!!)

Oooh man!!! Its sooo close :O!!!

Hugo, have you found accomodation yet?

i arrive on the 27th so ill b counting down 2 days fast :stuck_out_tongue:

man im so pumped to get bak to NZ and ride with the crew again

Pretty much. For the duration of Unicon, I will be staying at a backpackers probably with the rest of the Team Canada… atleast Julien (that’s all that matter anyways !). I still need to reserve though. If (and only if) I could win this video competition ! :wink:

106 days left


Im arriving on the 26th :stuck_out_tongue:

Me, My bro, my friend and his dad are leaving on the 25th from Adelaide to Sydney then from Sydney to Auckland and then we are renting a car to drive to wellington (to save money!). Issac, are you travelling over with any of the sydney riders or Kevin?

  1. u should know how to spell my name already

  2. nah. travelling all alone once again. i hate travelling alone but its easier to coordinate :stuck_out_tongue: lol

103 days left

Atleast for me…


102 days left !!!

Does a local is beginning to plan some night rides ? I will try to take part in most of them, maybe just not the ones before the trials and the street comp.

My flat battle against all you awesome flatland riders will be funny !


just keep an eye out for all the nz and aussie street n trial guys. we’ll b night riding most nights with others from round the world. it’ll just b casual rides basically

Except that casual rides for Kiwis and Aussies are awesome rides for Quebecers.

101 days left


Dang I thought I had it rite. You should learn how to spell “you” :stuck_out_tongue:

ah so ironic. u make fun of my short type wen u said ‘rite’ lol

Woah ! Under 100 days left !

99 days


AAHHHHH Getting sooo close.

Haha flat battles. Can’t wait for them :slight_smile: Street comp will be interesting.

Night rides, got a mobile Hugo?

As in a cellphone ? No, especially not in New-Zealand.

Should I work on getting Rolling wraps consistently, or should I focus on flip tricks ? I know I don’t stand a chance in rolls, so atleast if I have a great bag of tricks, I could maybe make it to the second round.

Still 99 days left…


Stereim made it to 3rd (2nd in france) at CFM 2009 with really only flips. Just make sure you have one very hard trick for the final trick Hugo.

Anyone know what European riders are going?

I didnt know NZ said mobile.I always thought it was just an English thing

We don’t. I think Chris was tryna make it easier for Hugo to understand :stuck_out_tongue: