UNICON XIV Results - Now online!!!


Results from Unicon.


Thanks to everyone who helped out making a super super fun Unicon…!

Can’t wait for the next one…!

(Super) Jesper.

Cool! But when I click on street it takes me to flatland results.

Street Results


Why is everything called “artistic”?

Wow! Jon A, nicely done!

thats only the finalists, they are so slow with the full list.
it never came during unicon, though i aksed a lot, and i got the same answer every day, “its coming tomorrow” -.-

Yep… Been waiting. Can’t wait to see the street and flat runs.


The Pöham took 2,3, and 5 in Jr flat.

But what about the Naucc street runs? Anyone plan on putting those up?

loic did really well
andrien got 1st in street, kind of expected it with his front flip
who is lorenz poham? i no about raphael and elias…

wow i just saw the female high jumps… 70cm??? in 4 years when the next unicon comes i could probably do better than that. i find it very dissapointing that the best female high jumper is 50cm below what jow hodges just did

ive been uniing 2 months and i can jump 20cm… that won 4th place in female 12-13 age group

I believe this is an artifact of the database application; it wants to classify everything as either, “racing,” or, “artistic.”

“Racing,” type events have results (i.e., the finish order) as input.

“Artistic,” type events have judges’ scores as input; the database application then uses rule-based equations to calculate the results.

Lorenz Pöham is the little brother of Raphael and Elias.
Raphael was take part at Street also, he normally win junior Expert but he don’t wear shinguards so he was disqualified :frowning:
Mary is able to jump 5 - 6 pallets and that is awesome for a 13 years old girl for my opinion. You will meet her at the next Unicon Kilian and then we see who can jump higher :smiley: She also win female expert trials and longjump by the way. Highjump over the bar is also more difficult then highjump on pallets.
The female agegroup was 0-13 and you would be last with 20 cm but don’t feel dismotivated, after 2 month 20 cm is a lot and the Unicyle world need more great girls like Mary, Amanda, Julia, Galina …

:astonished: Im happy cause i just found out that if i had gone to unicon i might have gotten 3rd place in high jump and long jump for my age division.Cant wait till next year :smiley:

Wow, if I was at unicon, decided to give a little more practice in landed my 71cm jump, and was a girl of course I’d win :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha… I like how Jatwell scored higher in Street than in Flatland. I’m sure this has to do with the way the scoring rubric is set up.

Still congrats Jatwell! number 4 Street rider in the world!!! :wink:

And 9th flatland. That also deserves congratulations.

one of those is my name! sucks that raphael got disqualified i like his riding its so flowy and smooth

haha that was silly that i did better in street then in flat but im cool with it. unicon was soooo tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight