Hi everybody,

Pictures from the unicon XIV/ Kopenhagen you will find at:



c ek Muniversal pictures

Good pictures.


some more photos from Unicon:



I have uploaded some Unicon14 pictures here.

Nice pictures Kristian!!! My Unicon pictures are here:


Also I want to take the opportunity to say thanks to you and all the others organizers and volunteers that worked so hard to make that Unicon one of the most successful and memorable ever. And a special thank to Connie Cotter for all the support and help she gave to our team, she really made a big difference in our lives.

I hope that everyone enjoys the photos as much as I enjoy taking them!!!:slight_smile:

Best regards,

Nice pictures, who is this? http://www.frb-uni.dk/pics/unicon14/pages/IMG_2221_jpg.htm
He has a nice looking uni.

The RedUnicycleRider says:

Oh goody another year of great and bad pictures,
well atleast the pics that were there didn’t involve
any explict images of some sort. lol


also got a bunch of photos of the week in dk. lots of people and action shots.


I like seeing the people in the backround. Cool when you recognize people. Peoples facials on the frontflip are funny too.

That can be rectified.

Just say the word.

Good one of Kit.

That is Morten Stampe from my club here in Frederiksberg. I think it’s a kris Holm painted red.

Thanks Carlos for the nice words.

Here is my share of pics…

It’s mostly French/Swiss guys and a random Kiwi :stuck_out_tongue:

Guys, thank you so much for organizing this event, I had a blast, I met a lot of cool people, and I miss it so very much.

I must admit that I’m very impressed with the way you organized it all, it was all in one place, everything on time, and we would always get the information when we needed it. To top it off, all of the organizers were so nice it was almost unreal :wink:



Late as usual, but my Unicon XIV photos are finally posted:

Unicon XIV, Copenhagen, Part One Freestyle, 10k, Marathon, Street, Gliding, Public Show
Unicon XIV, Copenhagen, Part Two Track, Trials, Basketball, MUni events

Plus the tourist shots from Denmark:
Copenhagen and Fredericksborg Slot (Castle) Including the famous Tivoli Gardens

The rest of my posted photos to date:

Awesome! Cool stuff John!

But sad :frowning: I can’t believe that’s over… I miss everything… Partys, people and all the fun!

Hope to see everybody again in New Zeland!

nice foto’s its a good thing not to many people can read dutch on this forum
we had much fun writing on the dating wall:D

i wonder if there are people who met at unicon and still have a relation?

Yeah, SURE! I have a lot of people on MSN :smiley: And everbody can’t wait until NZ!

i ment a love relation;)

At least for me: NO WAY! What happened in Denmark, still in Denmark! :astonished:

For Brazilian people I had a SUPER competiton, with the best riders in the world… just that… :wink: