Yes, you all have had to wait a long time but now we should be able to deliver the DVD before Christmas. Long, boring, winter nights are over as over 5 hours documentation from Unicon 13 is waiting for you. Here is what you will find.

Disc 1 (DVD5):
Opening of Unicon 13
Long jump and high jump

Disc 2 (DVD9):

Most of the sound is original sound. For the background music of the races, long jump/high jump and some of the street stuff we would like to thank Mr. Georg Hennerbichler. On the DVD, you will find menus in English, Japanese and German. Many thanks to Amanda Gallacher, Shaun Johanneson and Kaori Matsuzawa for doing all the translation stuff.

In two or three weeks the DVD should be back from the factory and ready to send out to you. You can pre-order now by sending an email to dvd@fzio.tv .

The price is: 15 € (that should be 2250 Yen, 19 USD, 10 GBP, 25 AUSD or 21 CAND)
Shipment will be from 1 up to 5€ depending on the country but we are working on the cheapest solution and will let you know detailed shipment prices soon.

We hope that you will enjoy this DVD for a long time. For freestylers it’s a must to get to the top at unicon 14, 2008


Will there be a website selling it? Where is money paid to?


More detailed Informations will be soon at uniconnews.com and unicycle.tv and also here in the thread.
We plan to accept paypal payment but they going a bit crazy actually so we rethink about doing it. If you set a preorder you will be informed by Email about all details. maybe the most comfortable way.

that maybe happens, we are still looking for all possibility’s to make it cheap and easy for all people in every part of the world.
We don’t make a three language Menu to sell it inside of Europe only.
We will keep you informed here and we also host a small trailer soon.

Is there a trailer? Is the freestyle part good?
What do you mean by original sound? Unis crashing on the floor and people swearing at them? I think I might get a copy.

Trailer will come soon (I hope tonight).
Freestyle is filmed by two Cameras and from my opinion it is good :smiley:
all pairs and sole expert runs are on it.
We leave the original sound at the freestyle to make it more authentic even if it is a bit of risk. The Freestylers do the routine to THAT music and so we leave it. The same for the first 5 of the street contest.
You will also here some unis crashing I think but not so often. There are Interviews with Rian Atkins and Rocco Schulz and some more well known riders.
Lets wait for the Trailer, maybe that says more than a lot of words.

Trailer is out now

At unicycle.tv you can find a trailer now. You also can download it here as 640x480 wmv file.

First we want to say THANK YOU to all of those that still buy a DVD.
But there are for sure still some people outside without a Unicon 13 DVD. You should change that soon :smiley:
To make it more easy for you the double DVD is now also available at:

unicycle.com GB

UniSalg DK

municycle.com and



thanks to Roger, Lars, Roland, Henno and Stefan for help us bringing the DVD closer to YOU