Unicon XIII - Switzerland - 23 July to 2 August 2006

As Franz is on vacation this week, I’m filling in by publishing some stats.

Here are the latest Unicon XIII registration count by country. I expect the number to get a lot bigger by the end of Feb as that is when the registration price will increase.

5 Austria
1 Canada (Ryan Atkins is the only one so far)
35 Denmark
6 France
125 Germany
1 Grenada
1 Guatemala
54 Japan
4 Netherlands
4 Puerto Rico
37 Switzerland
7 United Kingdom
45 USA (42 of which are from Minnesota)
325 Total



Once you have filled in the form and it says your registered that means your registered yeh because it says something about printing the form off

In an attempt to finish Lucas’ thought, yes you can register online, but you still have to pay, and turn in a signed copy of your release when you arrive at Unicon.

The steps:

  1. Register online
  2. Pay via wire transfer or other listed methods (within 30 days I think)
  3. Print out form and sign it
  4. Bring the form with you and hand in when you pick up your registration packet.

Some people may have registered but may not make it to Unicon. Don’t worry, many more simply haven’t registered yet (including lots more than 3 Americans from outside Minnesota!).

For us Americans (and whoever else this applies to), sending money via a wire transfer can have a hefty fee. Mine cost $42. If possible, join up with other riders from your area or country and combine your money. This probably makes life easier for the Unicon people at the other end as well.

They really ought to set up a paypal account. Paypal will handle currency conversion as well with the best possible rates. It would end up costing the reciever 4%, so they could set up a paypal price that is 4% higher to cover the paypal fee, but it would probably still be cheaper than doing a wire transfer for those registering individually.

Sadly I just can’t afford to go this year. Stupid student loan repayment taking all my extraneous funds.

Thanks guys I’ll probs seya there

One week later, here are the updated stats

2 Australia
5 Austria
1 Canada
50 Denmark
19 France
148 Germany
60 Japan
4 Netherlands
6 Puerto Rico
38 Switzerland
14 United Kingdom
50 USA
397 Total

A little note about last week’s stats, the participants from Grenda and Guatemala, were really from Germany (they made a mistake in selecting the drop down).

Some quick other stats:
319 of the 397 are registered as competitors
20 people from 6 different countries are signed up for the Street competition
17 (10 female and 7 male) are signed up for expert individual freestyle
85 (26 female and 59 male) are signed up for competing in Trials
99 people are going to be in the MUni Orienteering event


weird… kris holm is from canada… Im suprised he isnt registerd… same wiht kevin mcmullen…

Hey I will be going, haven’t gotten around to registration yet. There’s probably some more from Canada going too.

Kevin McMullin

I hope so… I mean Canada has a few awesome riders that could probably win some stuf or get 2-3-4-5-6 place over there:)

Is their a description of the street competition anywhere cos I like the sound of it but I dont know what ability you have to be and how it works

Check out the following thread in the UNICON XIII forum. Only the first few posts are in german, then it is all english:




Unicon XIII is just five months away . . . .

Uncion XIII stats as of Friday, Feb 24:
2 - Australia
5 - Austria
1 - Canada
54 - Denmark
38 - France
198 - Germany
58 - Japan
8 - Korea South
4 - Netherlands
8 - Puerto Rico
40 - Switzerland
22 - United Kingdom
87 - USA (Panther Pride 40, Twin City 42, Troopizi 2 (Foss), Team Cyclops 3 (Hoover))
525 Total (13 countries)

So far the Unicon has a good gender balance
Participants: 259 Male, 266 Female
Competitors: 210 Male, 205 Female

I have been asked about Unicon data by country:
2004 Unicon XII - Tokyo, Japan
17 Australia
1 Austria
2 Belgium
10 China
10 China Hong Kong
17 Denmark
5 France
54 Germany
4 Israel
1255 Japan
1 New Zealand
13 Philippines
4 Puerto Rico
3 Singapore
3 South Korea
36 Switzerland
14 United Kingdom
50 USA
1499 Total (18 countries)

For fun I ran the same stats for as far back as I have data.
1994 Unicon VII - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
29 Canada
12 China
30 Germany
4 Japan
12 Puerto Rico
6 Switzerland
174 USA
267 Total (7 countries)

To view the current data for Uncion XIII, Franz has made a query right from the web data.

To view the latest news about Unicon (such as the lodging being delayed until March 9) visit the Unicon website



Here’s the 2002 UNICON 11 (North Bend Washington, USA) registration by country:

Australia - 9
Belgium - 1
Canada - 20
Denmark - 15
Germany - 139
Israel - 1
Japan - 74
New Zealand - 2
People’s Republic of China - 20
Philippines - 9
Puerto Rico - 22
Russian Federation - 1
Switzerland - 38
United Kingdom - 11
United States of America - 312

Total - 674 (452 competitors / 222 non-competitors)


That’s because Kris isn’t going… His other job is holding him at home.

Registration fee of CHF 150 is valid until 31st of March

As we are not able to switch on booking of accommodation any earlier than mid of March, we also prolong the the lower registration fee of CHF 150 until 31st March.

Additionally, I also added the latest decisions of the organizing commitee meeting of last Sunday concerning registration dates to the registration information page on our webpages. For more, see:


Hasta luego,

Unicon XIII stats as of Friday, March 3.
5 - Australia
5 - Austria
2 - Canada (Canada has now doubled its numbers)
56 - Denmark
54 - France
220 - Germany
57 - Japan
8 - Korea South
4 - Netherlands
8 - Puerto Rico
47 - Switzerland
32 - United Kingdom
96 - USA (Among other new registrations, Semcycle team has registered six people)
594 Total

Updates: March 9 is the soonest lodging will be available and the early registration special price will be extended until March 31. To get the full details and other news visit the Unicon XIII website.


Hey Andy. Just making sure I’m one of the two Canadian riders? I registered the other day, making sure it went through, I’ll be doing the wire transfer soon.

Kevin McMullin

Re: Unicon XIII - Switzerland - 23 July to 2 August 2006

On Fri, 3 Mar 2006 21:50:14 -0600, Andy Cotter wrote:

>Updates: March 9 is the soonest lodging will be available

If we are to believe Franz’s post in this thread it’ll be even a bit
later than that:

>we are not able to switch on booking of accommodation any earlier
>than mid of March

Kevin, you are the other Canadian. It is great you are going.

Hopefully there will be some more people from Canada registering and the numbers will double again.