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Unicyclists embark on international tour
By The Chronicle
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18 July 2006
The Chronicle (Canberra)
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THE latest Canberrans to take on the world’s sporting elite have left for Europe. However, their sport won’t get the same press coverage as the recent soccer World Cup. They are unicyclists, and they will be participating in the World Unicycle Championships (UNICON). UNICON doesn’t just entail riders doing tricks (called artistics in the sport), but also involves races over 100, 400 and 800 metres, 10 kilometres and the marathon distance. There’s relays, obstacle races, high jump, long jump and mountain cycling, along with two sports: unicycle hockey and unicycle basketball. Six Canberrans, David and Lorinda Buchanan, Rod and Tom Lambert, Dale Newbury and Nic Vevers will be taking part.

Nic is currently the number two rider in Australia for unicycle trials, high jump and long jump, while Dale is ranked number four. ACT Unicycle Riders’ Society president Rod Lambert said the team have been training well. ‘‘Training has been steady, but some of us don’t know whether we will last the 42 kilometres of the marathon on the last day,’’ he said. There are 17 Australians attending, and it will be the first time Australia can field its own hockey and basketball teams - in past years, help was required from New Zealand’s team. UNICON will be held in Langenthal, Switzerland, from July 23 to August 2. Nic and Dale will then backpack around Europe with their unicycles, filming for their lastest DVD, Escape from the Circus.

Ken Looi is the first NZer to win gold at World Unicycle Champs in Switzerland in time of 1 hour 41 mins
Ross Karl
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6 August 2006
Newstalk ZB
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NZerwins gold at unicycle champs

Ken Looi has become the first ever New Zealander to win gold at the World Unicycle Championships in Switzerland.

He won the marathon road race in a time of 1 hour and 41 minutes.

Looi won silver in the 10km road race and the cross-country mountain-unicycle event. More than 900 unicyclists from 26 countries competed at the ten day world championships.

Success For Unicyclists
Press Release
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6 August 2006
22:06 GMT
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Success For Unicyclists

The New Zealand Unicycle Team (Team NZUNI) celebrated its most

successful campaign at the 13th Unicycle World Championships in

Langenthal, Switzerland, with a Gold medal in the Unicycle Road Race.

Ken Looi became the first ever New Zealand rider to win a title at The

World Championship event, with a 1hr 41min ride in the 43km Marathon

Road Race, almost a minute ahead of world hour-record holder Patrick

Schmid of Switzerland. Tony Melton was the second New Zealand rider

home in 5th place. Looi also won Silver in the 10km road race, and

Silver in the cross-country Mountain-Unicycle (MUni) event. Melton

won Bronze in the Downhill MUni race, despite a 15 second time penalty

for a rule infringement.

Over 900 Unicyclists from 26 countries competed at the ten day event

in Langenthal, Switzerland. The Unicycle World Championships and

Convention (UNICON) is held every two years. It is the Olympics of

Unicycling, with events ranging from Artistic Freestyle,

Mountain-Unicycle (MUni), Track Races, Unicycle Basketball and Hockey,

and Road Racing. The New Zealand Unicycle Federation is campaigning

to host to the event in 2010 or 2012.

Unicycling champion raced to top of game in two years
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17 August 2006
Newsquest Media Group Newspapers
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Surbiton’s Joe Hodges is celebrating a silver medal in last month’s world unicycling championships, just two years after he took up the sport.

The 18-year-old of Eversley Road, won the medal at the 13th Unicycling Convention and World Championships in Langenthal, Switzerland.

He said: "I was surprised because I thought I would come about 10th and I came second.

“I didn’t get nervous, I just psyched myself up,” said Joe.

Asked whether he was interested in starting some classes in Surbiton, Joe said: “Anyone who wants to start can just come and learn from me.”

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Lucas is rolling with the best
Kathryn Fell
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17 August 2006
North Devon Journal
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A holsworthy teenager is among the best freestyle unicyclists in the world.

British unicycling champion Lucas Wintercrane travelled to Switzerland for the world unicycling championships last month and although he narrowly missed out on the position in the top three he coveted, he came fourth with his freestyle performance.

Lucas is a born performer and started walking on stilts at the tender age of two. He mastered the art of unicycling at four, and won the first British freestyle unicycling championship in 2003.

He said: "I was very pleased with my performance in freestyle at the world championships. It was one of the best I have ever done in terms of tricks and it was a great learning experience for me.

"I had not seen much riding of that standard let alone compete against it. I did beat two Americans who came from a club that runs three hours every night in halls and I do not have that sort of opportunity, so it was good.

“It was only my first unicon (unicycle convention) and I think I placed the highest a Brit has ever placed in freestyle.”

Lucas also played in a basketball competition which he said was brilliant. He went on to become the UK’s top scorer in unicycle basketball, and came eighth in group orienteering out of 40 groups.

"It would have been nice to get some medals, especially with freestyle, where I was so close. And it was frustrating because I will have to wait another two years for another shot.

“But I think it was one of the best unicons for the UK in terms of placings and success and attendance, so hopefully that will encourage everyone to keep improving.”

Lucas met fellow unicyclists from all over the world at the event, and is now looking forward to the European championships in Denmark next year.

He is hoping to make the South African juggling convention, and is currently touring the UK with dad Pete, stage name Peteza, who taught him many of his skills. Father and son have hosted demonstration and circus workshops at the Trocadero in London and are working together across the country.

Lucas hosts demonstrations and parades and is keen to teach at schools. He is also looking for hall space to continue riding and improving.

He can be contacted at info@bigtopmania.co.uk