Unicon XIII and anti-doping measures

Just got the latest Unicon Newsletter through, and noticed this at the bottom:

Take a look at section S8. Looks like Koxx won’t be winning anything this year.


ahhaahha :stuck_out_tongue: yes some people will have to change their habbits now wont they!

yep thought exactly the same actually.

And why are you allowed more alcohol in your blood for powerboating than any other sport? 3 times more than Boules!

do we have any idea how much they intend to test for this stuff?

and why isn’t malt-loaf in the performance enhancement list?

I seriously doubt that the Koxx people are the only ones at Unicon who smoke pot.

If this is strictly enforced, it could be needlessly embarrassing to a lot of people.

Cool :smiley: Unicon is getting into a professional way! It’s good to know that the Unicycle World Championship is a serious championship!

All competitors will make exams?

bye :smiley:

Needlessly embarrasing? You shouldn’t be smoking pot during a competition. If you want to smoke pot, do it in a forrest while hugging trees, not during a race or other form of competition.

What about the 10-20 days leading up to the competition?

I don’t smoke pot, but I know that there are at least a couple of members of my club who do. I would hate to see them get disqualified for it, since it is in no way a performance enhancing drug.

I dunno what tests they use, but I know employment drug testing regimes detect pot any time up to about a month after usage. That’s reportedly one of the reasons city bankers use cocaine rather than other drugs, as it only stays in your body for a much shorter time.

It seems like it’d be a bit depressing if anyone is serious enough about unicycling to take performance enhancing drugs for it. Even more depressing if some poor person is disqualified for taking drugs that surely don’t enhance performance in sport.

The good news is that you can still get as drunk as you like.


oh well if you can get drunk thats alright, i dont see the point in any other sort of drug (except medicenes lol, theyre good:D )

Does this mean that Cannabinoids have been confirmed as “performance enhancing” and would therefore impart an unfair advantage over those who don’t indulge?

I remember one group being send away from FLUCK for using pot at the convention… can’t remember what team it was though :roll_eyes:

Peter M

Fascinating. In the past I have always joked that you can dope all you want, because we have no budget for testing, therefore anything we say you can’t have in your system is meaningless. But this year it’s possible that may not be the case. Yes, I think you’d have to be a “dope” to dope for unicycle racing, as it won’t exactly get you a college scholarship or entry into “professional” unicycle sports. :slight_smile:

I have no problems with using an anti-doping policy that follows international standards for multiple other sports, though they should put this information on the Unicon web site so nobody is caught off guard.

I would like to know more about this but apparently the latest Unicon newsletter is not yet posted on the Unicon web site, and I haven’t been getting them. I just sent a contact message to the organizers asking about why, and why I can’t seem to login to the site.

It would’ve been more fair if they posted this info before you had to commit yourself to a decision as to whether you’ll be competing or not(and pay extra money if you are competing). It would’ve been even more fair if they left marijuana out of this altogether. All it can do is help you create weirdly creative lines in street.

Incidentally, I’m a non-competitor:)

Ugh! I wanted to do the street comp drunk!

I remember at Unicon13 (in 2006, this one is 14, Loosemoose!), I sat on the benches watching freestyle competition next to a Swiss couple who were no unicyclists at all, just locals who had a nice evening out. They asked me about the doping policy of Unicon and I almost had to laugh because such a thing was unheard of in our sport. Now we have this official announcement.

On the one hand I’m glad that the sport apparently takes itself more seriously. On the other hand, it does away with some of the ‘free spirit’ that surrounds Unicons. Not to mention that the announcement was way too late, as ivan wrote already.

I thought this was a late April fools day joke at first.

This is kind of depressing news, I’d unrealistically hoped that unicycling would stay laid-back forever.

wait, people are surprised that Unicon does not condone illegal activity?

and if your weed use is to the extent that you actually wouldn’t go and compete in Unicon because of it, I think you have problems.

"and if your weed use is to the extent that you actually wouldn’t go and compete in Unicon because of it, I think you have problems.’

Don’t know about pot smokers in general, but for the former roommate I had long ago that smoked it, it was very definitely the most important thing in his life.

I agree. Good for them.

I daresay, anyone who does drugs at a competition deserves to be embarrassed.

And I almost left out the “competition” part. :slight_smile:

Will they throw people out for jaywalking, or failing to declare the havarti they have in their suitcase, or stopping at an Amsterdam brothel on the way to Unicon? How would any of this be any of Unicon’s business?