Unicon XIII 2006 in Switzerland

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end of July 2006 Unicon XIII is going to take place in Langenthal in Switzerland.

More information can be found here (in german): 1st Unicon XIII press information

Further news is bound to appear here soon!

CU in summer 2006 in Switzerland
Franz Brandl (Webmaster Unicon XIII)


Below is a translation of the German PDF file, translated by Christine Barnhart.

UNICON XIII & World Championships
13th Unicycle World Championship
July 23, 2006 - August 2, 2006
Langenthal, Switzlerland

Press release Langenthal, 11-11-2004

For the first time the Unicycle World Championships in Switzerland

The next Unicycle World Championship in 2006 will be held in Langenthal, Kanton Bern. This will be the 13th Unicycle World Championship and for the first time it will be held in Switzerland.

The Swiss Unicycle-Sport Association (SESV) has obtained from the International Unicycling Federation (IUF) the contract for the next Unicycle World Championships 2006, the Unicycling Convention (UNICON XIII) and the World Championships to be held in Switzerland.

The Swiss Unicycle-Sport Association (SESV) has decided to hold the UNICON XIII and the World Championships from July 23rd until August 2nd, 2006 in Langenthal, Bern. Expected are about 800 athletes from all over the world, who will compete in numerous unicycling events (racing, freestyle, hockey, basketball etc.)

UNICON XII was held in Tokyo in 2004, UNICON 11 was held in Seattle in 2004 and UNICON X was held in Peking in 2000. While in Japan, the admirable Swiss team obtained 10 Gold Medals, 6 Silver Medals and 8
Bronze Medals.

The organizational team has had its first meeting in Langenthal and has made provisional arrangements to get organized. The “Ok”, the “patrons committee” as well as the type and execution (flow) of the world championships will be further disclosed during a press conference in the spring of 2005.

Further Information:

Barbara Joerg, President SESV
034 435 16 53 or 079 200 69 36
Schonegg 715a, 3462 Weier i. E.

Reto Mueller, Chairman of the organizational teams
062 923 47 64 or 079 376 91 84
Farbgass 3, 4900 Langenthal

We thank you, that by you already announcing (reporting) this extraordinary event of a not yet well known form of sport but all the more attractive form of sport you are drawing attention to it and are allowing the unicycle sport to become more noticed.

Thanks for sorting the translation Gilby.

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While you cannot (easily) edit a pdf file, it is possible to get the text out of a pdf file. In Adobe Reader 6 I think there is a button for it. In Adobe Reader 5, press your keyboard V and the cursor changes so that you can copy and paste text, into a translator if so desired. Thought I should mention that. Similarly, BTW, if you press G, you can copy graphics from a pdf file.

Klaas Bil

Today (30 December) is the last day this year that is not the last day this year.

Grrrr, I won’t be able to make this one either… ) :

I was lucky to be able to go to CMW this year…

But the parents are easing up so maybe some year soon I can got ot a foreign event…

my parents have yet to ease at all. ) :

www.unicon13.ch online

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the initial version of the Unicon XIII homepage has gone online:

Unicon XIII & World Championships 2006 in Langenthal, Switzerland

I would really appreciate, if you could link to that page from your sites
as to attract as many participants as possible.

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I forgot to mention that our initial version is in German only.

In the near future though, an english and maybe even a
japanese translation will be available as well.


What airport do you fly into, to get to Langenthal?

I wonder if unicon will come to British Columbia