Unicon XII - Room Reservations

Unicon XII - Tokyo, Japan, July 23 to August 1, 2004

Room reservations for the official Unicon XII lodging are now available to
be booked.

To get to the reservation page, there is a link off the home page of the
English version of the Unicon XII website. Or, you can go directly to the
page with this link: www.unicon12.com/english/nyc_e.html

Mayumi Sakaino and I worked on the wording of the reservation page and the
information should be more concise. If you haven’t been to the page in the
last day and are thinking about going to Unicon please take a look.

If you have questions about room reservations, you can either contact me or
Mayumi. As I have been working with Mayumi on room reservations, I can
answer some of the more basic questions. The really hard questions will have
to go to Mayumi.

Here are some notes about Unicon XII reservations:

  • All 2-person rooms are now full. There was only 20 of them and they were
    gone in the first 24 hours.
  • There are plenty of 4-person rooms left.
  • For non-shared rooms, there can be mixed genders (this was a common
    question people had about the rooms).
  • You can book the rooms now and pay later when you or your team wire the
    money for the rooms and registrations.
  • Rooms will only be assigned to overseas registrants until the end of
    March. After April 1, the remaining open rooms will be assigned to Japanese
    registrants. In other words, after April 1, rooms will be assigned to
    overseas and Japanese registrants on the same first-come-first-serve basis.

-Andy Cotter