Does anybody know any more about the specifics of UNICON XII in Japan? Website with info?

Unicon 12 website

Is that right? Only 1 day of Muni Planned??

I think it’s fantastic that there are separte races for downhillm uphill, and cross country. Although I didn’t spend much time searching I couldn’t find a section on the jumping competitions.

Does anyone know how long in advance the locations of the Unicons is decided? I want one in Australia! :slight_smile: I also want a UniNats in Brisbane soon.


That’s right; one whole day of MUni, including a 2-hour bus ride in each direction! Compare this amount of MUni with previous UNICONs. :slight_smile:

So far they are not listing any events outside the required ones (not counting MUni, which isn’t required). They will announce the additional events as they feel confident they can fit them in the schedule. High and Long Jump are usually done at the track, and fit into what I would call the “field” part of track & field.

As long as possible. Be advised it is the people in the chosen locations that put on the conventions, so we’re ready when you are. :smiley:

More realistically, Chris Vevers is looking forward to hosting a future UNICON. Perhaps you could be part of that project and help them out? I can’t wait for the UNICON Down Under!

At the last two Unicons, we managed to go Muni riding quite a bit, all but one day in Washington, and half the days or more in China.

I’ve lived in Japan for several years, most recently in Tokyo near venue. And unfortunately going on a decent Muni ride there will be difficult. Possible, but it won’t be like in China where there was a pretty decent area 2km ride away and a fun area right across the street. It would involve fairly complicated and expensive train rides to the country-side.

But one thing we could do instead is just go riding around town. We used to do this on mountain bikes early in the morning. That time of year, it gets light around 4am (no daylight savings time and Tokyo is far to the east in the timezone). So early morning rides are the key. Especially as the heat and humidity are debilitating later in the day. It’s a blast riding around downtown or down by the river or through the various parks at that time of day.


Me too. I can take part of that too. Hosting a UNICON will be a real good experience for me for Australia.