I came across this URL that a few of you might be
interested in:



The UNICON XII home page shown in Franz’ post seems to be up as of today (September 30). An English version is available. It has a fairly detailed schedule, venue information, lodging information, FAQs and links for tourists.

The site says registration will open early in November. It says on-line registration will be available. Cost of registration is not posted at this time.

The site says there will not be an early / normal / late registration structure. The 482 rooms in Building C of the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center are being reserved for foreign guests up until April 1. After April 1, rooms will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Given the large number of folks from Japan who will be looking for rooms, I would therefore urge anybody who is planning to travel to UNICON XII to register and make reservations before April 1.

The site says that the accomodations cost is still to be determined, but that it is expected that rooms in National Olympics Memorial Youth Center will be under 4000 Yen per person per night. At today’s exchange rate, this translates to about $36 US / $48.81 CDN. It says the room rate will include breakfast. All rooms feature single beds, with either two or four beds per room.

Tom Daniels
President, Unicycling Society of America, Incorporated