UNICON XII Details Now Available at UNICON12.com

The website for UNICON XII is now officially online. All unicyclists are welcome to attend UNICON, the 12th World Unicycling Convention and Championships, which will be held in Japan from July 23 to August 1, 2004.

Lots more details about the event can be found on the UNICON XII website. See you there!

Accomodations including ‘breakfast’ at the NYC are estimated to be around 4000 yen a day, or $36 dollars- although this is said to not yet be a set figure. Foreign occupancey is less than 500 spaces available at that facility… perhaps those who have attended past events might know if this will leave some seeking other accomodation.

Air fair estimates have been as low as $700, and with the above lodgeing dayly expences might be estimated at $100… so $1400 might be a safe estimate for bare-bones cost per person. I susspect that we will find more ways to spend our yen, however, with all those lovely vending machines…


I guess I can start getting excited about this now. There are a few events I can compete in this time around, although I don’t expect my peformance to be that good.

This site looks very helpful, offering some very valuable information. Hopefully, I can get in on one of the “overseas guest” rooms at the NYC and save some money. One thing the site doesn’t help with is transportation from the airport to the NYC. Anybody know about that? It looks like there’s train and subway information, but it doesn’t say if that connects you to the airport. Which airport should we be looking at?

It should be fine. Though I think some teams will elect to stay at hotels, all you have to do is not wait till the last minute. I believe it’s April 1 when they open the remaining rooms up to first-come, first-served for Japanese attendees as well.

I susspect that we will find more ways to spend our yen, however, with all those lovely vending machines…[/B]
Oh, heck yeah! Lots of cool stuff in Japan.

Nbrazzi asked about transport from the airport. I think they will have everyone fixed up with the best way to get there long before we have to start worrying. Either bus or train, there will be something easily workable.

Most international flights, I believe, go in and out of Narita airport. Just check one of the Web sites and you should see nearly all flights going to one place. It used to be Narita but check for yourself to be sure.

I do not recommend renting a car for UNICON. Though Jacquie and I may get one for our tourist time before or after, getting anywhere in the “busy” part of Tokyo in a car can take hours. Then you have to park! It’s much worse than Manhattan. They have tons of trains, subways, and other mass transit, so getting around should be pretty easy.


Thank you for the information.

The website looks quite neat. Moreover, accomodation looks
very decent in terms of price and quality. :smiley:
But it will be better if they have a guest book on their website
to facilatate the communication.

Must be a great opporunity for Korean unicylists to participate
and devu for other world fellow unicyclists.

Re: Wow…

Non-quality does not exists in Japan !
But everything there is rather expensive (chotto takaï desu !)… food and transportation are great experiences.

Ok now I’m offically pissed. I can either go to Japan for unicon, or graduate college a semester late. What a freakin choice~!

Have fun in Japan everyone.