Unicon XII - Airfare

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Anyway, this message is about airfare from the USA. Actually, it is more from Minnesota (as that is where I live) but some of this info can help others.

As a bonus, at the bottom of this message, I’ll mention the status of the Unicon reg form.

Here is where I launch into the long story about airfare. The dates we are using are July 21 to August 3, that tends to be the cheapest and allows a day before and a day after the convention.

Northwest does a direct flight from Minneapolis to Tokyo. For a flight that long, direct is the way to go. Unless the price is too much. Back about a month the price was $1200 USD for a direct price. About a week ago it went up to $1600 USD. Today, it is up to $1700 USD. I’m sure it will come back down but how far? To me, a direct flight was worth paying $200 more.

Well after looking around some people in our club found some airfare from LAX. If you go directly to www.thaiair.com the flight from LAX to Tokyo is priced at $628.80 including tax. $629 sounds pretty cheap to me for Japan in the summer. For us in Minnesota all we need to do is get to LAX. The cheapest someone found from MSP to LAX nonstop
was Frontier for $192.20 including tax. You need to book it on
www.frontierairlines.com. Total = $821.00 including tax. Not bad!

Looking even more (on Orbitz), someone found this:
From lax to tokyo via NWA and tokyo to lax via Korean air (but both booked thru Delta) is $646. If I choose returning via NWA, flight goes up to $1200. The advantage of this, even though it is a bit more expensive, is that we get NWA frequent flyer miles. If you don’t care about frequent flyer miles, than this doesn’t matter.

In the end we went with $854 round trip from Mpls to Tokyo via LA. The flights from Mpls to Tokyo are all Northwest, flight from Tokyo to LAX is Korean Air, and the flight from LAX to Mpls is Northwest. So those who want NWA miles will get it most
of the trip. This fare is available from Orbitz.

There is a $15 fee for mailing that can be shared for 2 people (It was found that booking more than 3 people at once raises the price).

Unicon Registration form: From the latest I have heard, the date it is to be done by Feb 15. Although, after that date, it still needs to be put on the web and tested. So the soonest it would be available would a few days after that.