Unicon XII: Airfare from U.S. west coast

Hi all,
We haven’t bought our tickets yet. We’re interested in knowing what
prices people have found from the west coast. Thanks!


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We found everything from $1600 to $900.
Airgorilla.com was the cheapest but not sure of their reliabity.
Lucky enough we were able to use frequent flyer miles.
Megan Kowalski is going from the Panther Pride Unicycle Team in Washington.
She is flying Seattle to Portland to Tokyo.
July 21 and Aug. 2
She meets up with TCUC on July 22 at her arrival.
Remember you need to leave the USA the day before you want to arrive in Japan.
Barb K.

We found prox. $1060 from SFO. That was a few weeks back, when we booked ours. We added on a little bit to get a connection to Sacramento. Better to pay a little more than get someone to make two trips to SF and back for us…

It looks like most of the west coast flights go out of SFO or SEA or LAX. You might try searching on those airports first, then seeing what you get when tacking on the Portland part afterward. That’s kind of what we did.

Re: Unicon XII: Airfare from U.S. west coast

Portland is a major airport for flying to Tokyo.
Barb K.

We booked our tickets in Early March for about $820 Round Trip from Minneapolis to LA then to Tokyo.
If we booked them now it would be over $1200!

-Ryan :slight_smile:

We’re on Alaska from Seattle to San Francisco and ANA from San Francisco to Tokyo. We used mega air miles to book two first class seats about two months ago. Even back then, most of the inexpensive fares were gone.

We bought ours over a month ago. The lowest prices then were around $950, but we splurged and spent something like $1020 to get non-stop San Jose to Tokyo. I’ve known about that flight for years but never taken it before. Also we are coming back from Osaka rather than Tokyo and that added a little.

Looking forward to it,

I take it it’s in Tokyo this time around?

That’s one awesome city. If they’ll let you you should try riding Mount Fuji. When you get to the 5th village it’s like a town, and when you get to the 7th there are a bunch of jumpable rock formations. It’s a challenging hike, but the sun rise is a major payoff.