UNICON XI 26 July photos

I have created a gallery for the photos from the second day of UNICON XI.


I have the Puerto Rican (unstoppable) All-Stars who beat the pick up team I was on 40-0. There are shots from another game also. Shots from the standard skills routines. Shots from the games section that Carol McLean put together. Her games were fun and were for all age groups. I was in those so I only got shots of the gladiator competition. Again, I apologize for the poor quality indoor photos but, hey, I’m doing everything I can to bring UNICON to you as it happens. Later I think others will post some higher quality indoor stuff and some videos.

Your doing an great job of posting pictures Harper! It’s almost like being there… wish I was.

I would’ve Been there, but i couldn’t get a ride down and we’re havong company :frowning: