Unicon X - Workshops

Now that the China Unicycle Association (CUA) has the Unicycling Convention
Program (the software that keeps track of registrations and results), it is time
to start focusing on other aspects of Unicon X. One of those aspects is setting
up the workshops that will be held in the evenings during the convention.

I am pleased to announce that Colin Schworer from Minnesota has volunteered to
be the workshop coordinator for Unicon X. He has experience in this area, having
organized the workshops for the 1997 U. S. National Unicycle Convention.

Colin’s email is uni_cyclist@worldnet.att.com and all emails concerning
workshops should be sent to him.

Workshops will be scheduled in the evenings after the competitive events. While
the hockey and basketball events also will be held in the evenings, we will try
to keep any conflicts to a minimum. The secondary gym is dedicated to workshops,
but workshops could be held elsewhere if necessary. Currently, there are five
nights scheduled for workshops.

Unicon X will present a terrific opportunity for many different kinds of
workshops. Some of these are:

  • The traditional type where one or two people teach a skill or give a
    presentation on some aspect of unicycling.
  • Group discussions - a roundtable where people discuss some aspect of
    unicycling. For example, club leaders can get together and talk about what
    works and what doesn’t work in their club.(This may be somewhat of a challenge
    with the various languages, but having people from different cultures talk
    about their experiences could be very interesting.)
  • Competitions - since there is not enough time during the formal race days to
    have every type of competition, workshops can handle the more specialized
    competitions, such as long jump and high jump. Those who win these
    competitions would be considered world champions in this field, and new world
    records could be set in these areas.

Here’s a list of some of the workshops that could be offered at Unicon X:

How to teach unicycling How to set up a Standard Skill routine How to set up an
Artistic Freestyle routine How to set up an Artistic Pairs routine How to form a
new club Learn to judge Standard Skill routines Learn to judge Artistic
Freestyle routines Ultimate wheel riding Learning new ways to freemount Club
roundtable MUni workshop IUF Skill Level demonstration workshop IUF Skill Level
testing certification Racing techniques Jump roping demonstration and
competition Long jump competition High jump competition

If you have ideas for other workshops, please send them to Colin. If you can
lead any of these workshops, please contact him immediately so he can begin to
work out the schedule. Also, let him know if you want to suggest a person who
might be able to run a good workshop. The more we help Colin with this, the more
successful Unicon will be.

Thanks. As August 1 gets closer, it’s exciting to see how things are falling
into place.

I look forward to seeing you at the 10th World Unicycling Championship
in Beijing!


Andy Cotter - cotter@skypoint.com International Unicycling Federation, Technical
Consultant to China - http://www.unicycling.org/iuf/unicon10/ Unicycling Society
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