Unicon X - Update

Unicon X Hotel: I have been getting some questions about room at the Unicon X
Hotel. The Hotel has 21 floors and can hold up to 800 people. That means that
all the International participants should have a room at the hotel. But, there
have been a good number of participants who have asked the suites. As in most
hotels, there is only a limited number and not everybody who asked for one will
get one. If you are moved to a less expensive room within the same hotel, you
will be reimbursed for the cost difference. The Chinese Team will not be staying
at hotel as it will be too expensive for them. The hotel has a dinning hall,
bar, and shopping in the lobby. They are even thinking of having some sort of
party on the roof. This is the biggest building around this part of Beijing so
21 stories up would make a great view. [Maybe the roof might a good place for a
Trials course.]

Attendance: The latest estimates of attendance of Unicon X are going to be
somewhat over 600. This is down from earlier estimates. There is expected to be
about 300 Chinese participating in Unicon X, this estimate is down from an
earlier number of 500 Chinese. That means approximately half of the participants
will be international. As it currently looks, this will not be the biggest
Unicon but could have the most International participants. In Germany at Unicon
IX (1998) there was a total of 660 participants with only 188 (28%)
International participants. At Unicon
VIII (1996) in the United Kingdom, the number of International participants were
at 314 (85%) but the total participant number was at
368. Unicon VII (1994), held in Minnesota, USA, had a total of 268 participants
with 94 (35%) being International. Unicon III (1987) held in Japan, was the
largest Unicon with 851 participants but only 65 (8%) were International.

MUni Ride on August 5th: There is now planned a Mountain Unicycling day planned
for those who want to travel north and ride some challenging terrain (possibly
the mountains north of Beijing). The day scheduled for this event is August
369. Transportation will have to be paid for by the individuals going on this
trip (hopefully only a minimal cost). Also scheduled on August 5th are the
Individual Freestyle Championships.


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