UNICON X Update.

The goal of the IUF is to make UNICON X an event to remember. What is it? The
World Unicycling Convention and World Championship.

Who should attend? All the unicyclists of the world, no matter their skill
level. It is a global meeting of the unicycling community. A place where people
from all the cultures can share experiences and compare what we have in common
and learn from our differences.

Where? Beijing, People’s Republic of China. It will be held at the facilities
where they expected to hold the 2000 Olympics. The Pan Asiatic games were
held there.

When? First week of August, 2000.

What events should you expect? Our traditional events are Artistic, all kind of
racing, Muni, unihockey, and unibasket. Care is been taken so that each one of
these events will be worthy of the UNICON. There will be some very interesting
workshops. I am sure we will see some great juggling and acrobatics. But
probably the best stuff is in the informal meetings between many interesting
people from all over the world. You will see some weird equipment (and riders).
A show and learn atmosphere reigns at these meetings. You meet lots of old
friends and make new ones. See the faces of all the people that you have been
communicating with.

Our hosts has the backing of the Chinese government and are resolved on
presenting a great convention. In addition to that, there probably has never
been a more diverse group of volunteers working in organizing an event such

While airfare can be considerable from some parts of the world to China, it will
be a once in your lifetime opportunity to see the real China at a much lower
price than you would otherwise. As a matter of fact, some good tours (1 day or
multi days) will be available following the UNICON at extremely low prices.

There is lots of information now in http://www.unicycling.org/iuf/ and some
links that you can reach from there. There will be some more information by the
end of January. Plus you may post any question to the group and I guarantee that
you will receive many answers.

If you want to help as a volunteer, in addition to attending, we probably can
use you in: workshops helping in the events orhanizing groups in your area to
attend UNICON X.

If there is any other way you believe you can help, please let me know. Alberto
Ruiz IUF President alberto@taino.net