By the amount of E- Mails that we have been getting, UNICON X will surpass our
expectations. Keep does questions coming. We do answer them. Really, all efforts
have been taken that every event will be worthy of a World Convention. This
includes the non-competitive ones, like rider interactions and the workshops.

So, what should you be doing by now.

  1. Confirm that you will have a valid passport by August 2000. If you don’t have
    one, apply for it now. If you do have one, check the expiration date.

  2. Get ready to apply for the Visa. Check with the Chinese Embassy in your
    country. In the USA, the Embassy is in Washington DC. But they have
    Consulates in the main cities that take care of their region. You must have a
    passport before applying for your Visa. Your visa will be valid for 6 months,
    so you did not want to apply before, as it would have expired by the UNICON.
    Now you may apply.

  3. Reserve the time in your calendar. You want to get in before August 1 and
    leave after August 9. Consider staying for a total of two weeks. There will
    be plenty of great tours available at low prices, and you may want to do some
    uni tours over there.

  4. Start saving money. You probably will end up paying between $1,000 to
    $2,000 for the two weeks (including airfare) depending on how far you live
    from China. Shopping allowance is extra, but hey, there are some great
    buys in China.

  5. Learn about China. Read books. Search the Internet. It is a fascinating
    country with lots of history and lots of culture. There is lots of wisdom
    over there. The more we learn about China beforehand, the more we will
    enjoy the trip.

  6. A couple of other things that I will remember as soon as I press the
    send button.

Alberto Ruiz IUF President