UNICON X is a reality!

Folks, what some people thought would never happen is about to. We will have a
UNICON in China.

At last count there will be teams from almost 20 countries.

Over 800 participants including 450 from outside China.

The logistics of putting so many different events in a country so far away,
culturally and geographically are monumental. Yet it is about to happen.

Will there be problems, I am sure there will be. Just to give you an example,
somebody in Europe, may be organizing a discipline while somebody in China who
(s)he has never met and does not speak the same language is in charge of
providing the physical facilities.

We are trying to have all events UNICON quality, artistic, in-track and
off-track racing, MUNI, Hockey, Basketball, etc.

But the UNICON is not just for the top performers. Usually the best parts are
not the non-competitive. And the hosts have organized a well-rounded schedule.

We must enjoy things as they happen in China, let them handle the situations
their way. We will enjoy our stay more, and may enrich our personalities.

I have always admired the unicyclists. It takes a very special character just to
learn to ride. Now we will have a mammoth meeting from riders from every corner
of the world.

In what way are we all alike? How do we differ? We can make new friendships and
renew old ones. Let us not be shy. Let us extend our hands and meet new people.

UX experiences should not end at the closing ceremonies. We should take them
back and spread them around our hometowns.

UX will happen because lots of good people from all-around the world have worked
hard to make it possible. The list is so long, that you would not have time to
read all of them.

But there are three persons who I want to single out. They deserve a personal
thanks from each of us. They are Andy Cotter UX coordinator, Mr. Zhang who is
the person in charge of the event in China, and Mr. Yuan who is the person who
we communicate through.

Alberto Ruiz IUF President http://www.unicycling.org/iuf/unicon10/