Unicon: Who's Staying Where?

Alrighty. Just to get a gauge of where all the action’s gonna be at. Where will you be staying during Unicon?

We’re at the Bay Plaza Hotel, Arriving on the 27th from the South Island, and heading home on January 9.

I’m doing the same dates as you but Bay Plaza seems a bit too pricey… I’m travelling alone and actually have accomodation at a friend’s but I feel like I should stay out so I can hang out more with you guys.

Does anyone knows where the next UNICON (XVI) will be?

About next edition, it’s not clear YET!

South Korea and Italy already submitted their “dossier” with all documentation to held it (http://www.einradfahren.de/index.php?module=mod_forum&action=thread&thread_id=430)

About my accomodation, well I’ll probably stay on YHA Hostel. Not sure yet!

I’m trying to get a sponsorship to pay my accommodation costs! A tourism company sponsored me once and I’m trying again with them. Tomorrow I get the answer!

Adrien told me that paid really cheap for quadruple rooms in the Holliday Inn Hotel (Like 30 Dollars per head!). If don’t get the sponsor, I may try to find 2 persons to share a room with me and my sister… If anyone is up to that let me know!

God I can’t wait! Its going to be SO FUN :smiley:

EDIT: I arrive on Dec 26 and I stay until January 8 in Wellington… After that Im going to backpack with my sister to shot some video and have fun :smiley:

The YHA for me.

I hope for Italy cuzz New Zeland, South Korea etc. - Thats waay too far for my wallet. :roll_eyes: (Also I don’t have any sponsors yet)
When can we expect the decision?

During the world championship I hope…

I heard that France was about the submit something when I was there, but not sure if it’s going to work!

I don’t see a problem in having the world championship in different places. Hopefully soon it will be here in South America. BUT, I do believe that NZ for the XV edition wasn’t the best choice. If we had it in North America or Europe for one more edition, we would enjoy benefits of the sport growth. Riders are getting real sponsors, organizing themselves… That would help to have a bigger number of riders this year…

To be honest I don’t really think that the documents that both submitted are solid. I was expecting something more “professional” for such a big event…

Downtown backpackers for me and 2 of my uni-buddy.

Anyone also staying there?

Me and 11 others are staying in a 12 bed dorm room at lodge in the city www.lodgeinthecity.co.nz

I’m staying at a mates just out of Welly and will be catching the train almost every day but free accomdation yay lol. unless I have my resticed then I’ll be driving

Three of us are staying at the YHA :slight_smile:

YHA Hostel

I’m staying at home:p

Probably some caravan park woot :smiley:

That sounds awesome.

im staying with family in Johnsonville and i’ll be taking the train in every day unless i can get a ride.

I’m booked in a dorm at Nomad’s backpackers in town.


Anyone booked at Ustay Apartments?


I’m thinking about there… :stuck_out_tongue: