UNICON: what about an "old geezers" meeting?

Yes what about gathering together we the “old geezers” (and “geezeress”) and sharing wine and funny stories about our little discomforts of “old age”:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll even volunteer to clean the place afterwards! :roll_eyes:

I suggest we keep count of people willing to come (I need to know which quantity of wine I need to import from France).

Total : 1

What is the lower age limit, I only turned 44 a couple of days ago, I might be considered a youngster in comparision :stuck_out_tongue:

Apart from wine drinking what else have you in mind for that evening?
A BBQ would go nicely together with a few bottles of wine.

If I look at the schedule of events, I would suggest Thursday evening for this happening.

Total: 2

I suggest no age: just if you feel like it you may come…

this may be too much complicated to organise: light org is the base.
I am a very lazy bear.

ah… that’s a problem! a BIG problem!
Speaking for myself I will only arrive on friday 28 … I am unable to stay for the whole UNICON. So which dates could be ok for almost everybody?

I’d be interested.

I’ll join in.

Would Wednesday evening, after we finished the Marathon in the afternoon, suit you?
IMHO, I would like to keep clean on the evening before the 10K and the evening before the Marathon. I will be suffering enough without having to cope with a hangover during these two races :roll_eyes:

I’d be up for this.

Re: UNICON: what about an “old geezers” meeting?

On Wed, 1 Mar 2006 03:04:54 -0600, wobbling bear wrote:

>Yes what about gathering together we the “old geezers” (and “geezeress”)

Excellent idea, count me in!

I’m racing in the 10K (geezer department) so I second bbraf’s date

well if that suits everybody, we will also help heal sore muscles from the marathon :smiley:

total count: 6
(please add yourself to the total)


With my skill level I would rather fit to the wine testing meeting but…the initiative is great!:wink:

Witold you are our leader! an example for all of us! please come!


I am obvious leader to nowhere = full of proper qualifications for a polititian.
But…I do my best. TU.:slight_smile:

sounds good!

ressurecting this old thread: the “old geezers meeeting” took place during UNICON13 (see pic -thanks Klaas-)
more to come about that …