UNICON VIII Update (5 November)

Due to increasing demand, here is an update on the preparations for UNICON VIII
in August.

I have updated the announcement document. I will include it below. I hope that
it will become a UNICON VIII FAQ over the next few weeks, as you write to me and
tell me what you want to know. The most up-to-date version is always available
from the UNICON VIII page:


In the past week we have been:

  • Applying pressure to Middlesex University to get them to move forward on our
    proposed booking of the campus
  • Organising a photo-shoot with a freelance press photographer to promote
    UNICON VIII and to provide exciting images for potential sponsors (DM is
    bringing a collection of unusual unis to Alexandra Palace, our spectacular
    venue, next weekend)
  • Faxing basic information on UNICON VIII to key contacts (including Kaskade
    magazine, Wanja Lindner and Sammy Hellwig)
  • Organising a hockey tournament for next Sunday, 12 November

My crazy workload of the past month has eased a bit so now is a good time to
communicate with me… [ Prepares to be buried in email ;^) ]

In the meantime, here is the announcement:

                     UNICON VIII

             IN ENGLAND IN AUGUST 1996

World Unicycling Convention comes to Europe for the first time!

Likely Attractions will include:

  • Track Races (including at least one unrestricted entry race - any wheel size,
    any crank length, any gearing [at rider’s own risk])

  • Coasting Contest - who can coast the longest distance on a track after a 20
    metre acceleration

  • Gliding Race


  • 10K Marathon

  • Individual Artistic Events

  • Pairs Artistic Events

  • Group Artistic Events

  • Unicycle Basketball Tournament

  • Workshops on all aspects of unicycling and related subjects

  • Public Show

  • Cybercafe

  • Gathering of unusual and historic unicycles (including motorised)

  • The World Unicycle Hockey Championship

  • The Unicycle Chain World Record Attempt

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    >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >><< >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >>
    O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O

COME AND TAKE PART and learn a few tips from some of the WORLD’S GREATEST

Participants are already expected from: Australia - Belgium - Canada - China -
Denmark - France - Germany - Japan - Netherlands - Puerto Rico - South Africa -
Switzerland - United Kingdom - United States

When is it?

August 1996 - probably 5-12 August: the definite dates cannot be announced
until the venue has been finalised. The Festival of Unicycling at Alexandra
Palace will definitely be the weekend 10-11 August, so the week is sure to
include that weekend.

Where is it?

There will be a week of events based at a site near London (probably Middlesex
University) with a weekend of public events at Alexandra Palace, a spectacular
public building on a hilltop in North London with views over the City.

Other matters:

The event fee will be 35 UKP (excluding accommodation). Student accommodation
will be available and camping may be possible. Fuller details and a registration
form will be published in November, when the venue has been booked.

UNICON VIII is supported by the British Unicycle Federation, the British
Unicycle Hockey Association and the International Unicycling Federation


Peter Philip of the LUNIs - London’s Unicycle Hockey Team Coordinator of UNICON
VIII - The World Unicycling Convention 1996 +44 181 341 7587 peterp@foe.co.uk

UNICON VIII 22 Nelson Road London N8 9RU [ Don't forget the postcode! ]
United Kingdom

[Updated 5 November 1995]

This version is none too pretty as it has been stripped out from the HTML.