UNICON VIII Update (14 November)

It has a week with a lot of positive activity and one (possibly major) setback.

Good News:

  • We had a photo-shoot at Alexandra Palace where 7 unicyclists rode around on
    various unusual unis from the DM Unicycle Collection. I haven’t seen the
    pictures yet, but I reckon they are going to be pretty good.
  • We had an all-day unicycle hockey tournament on Sunday as a part of the South
    East League. Six teams was the perfect number for one hall. LUNIs won in a
    hard-fought final against Molesey.
  • I will be writing an article in the coming week for The Catch - Britain’s
    premier juggling magazine.
  • There is a chance that we may get one of the pictures from the photo-shoot and
    a plug for UNICON VIII into the next issue of Time Out - London’s events
    listings magazine.

Bad News (today):

  • After a great deal of hassling from me, Middlesex University has finally
    formed an opinion on our application to use their campus for UNICON VIII. They
    are in the process of letting all of the accommodation on the campus to a
    company that runs Italian summer-schools. While the people at the University
    remain friendly towards us, and there may be room for working out some kind of
    deal, it does mean that:
    • Some of the accommodation will have to be off the site
    • The final announcement will have to be delayed still further

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