Unicon VIII Reg Form US Version

Below is the Unicon VIII Registration Form. The only differance in this form is
that the prices for everything is in both US dollars and UKP.

MS Word version of both registration forms are available from me or from the
web sites.


The World Unicycling Convention 1996 - UNICON VIII University of Surrey,
England, August 5-12, 1996 World Unicycling Convention comes to Europe for the
first time!

The 8th International Unicycle Convention is supported by the British Unicycle
Federation, the British Unicycle Hockey Association and the International
Unicycling Federation, Inc.

Planned Events will include:

Track Races (Various distances and age-groups) Coasting Contest Downhill Gliding
Race UMX/MUNI/MTT Race 10K Marathon Individual Artistic Events Pairs Artistic
Events Group Artistic Events Unicycle Basketball Tournament Load carrying
competition Obstacle course Unicycle water fight Group games Workshops on all
aspects of unicycling and related subjects Public Show Renegade Stage Cybercafe
Gathering of unusual and historic unicycles Experimental unicycle laboratory The
World Unicycle Hockey Championship The Unicycle Chain World Record Attempt

Participants are already expected from:

Australia - Belgium - Canada - China - Denmark - France - Germany - Isreal -
Japan - Netherlands - Puerto Rico - South Africa - Switzerland - United Kingdom

  • United States


The University of Surrey, in Guildford, Surrey, England. Guildford is a large
town around 50km to the South West of the centre of London.

Renegade Stage:

Renegade Stage will give unicyclists a chance to show new or unique skills. This
can be an opportunity for unicyclists to show skills that are new, did not fit
into their routine, or possibly were not performed perfectly during the
competition. As well as unicycling, all type of acts are welcome. It will be a
fun relaxed show for the audience as well as the performers.

Registration Payment:

Registration can be paid in UKP using the United Kingdom registration form or
registration can be paid in US dollars using the US registration form and mailed
to the US contacts.


If transportation is needed to Guildford (site of Unicon VIII) please arrange
ahead of time with the Unicon organizers.

For additional registration forms or more information please contact:

Peter Philip of the LUNIs - London’s Unicycle Hockey Team Coordinator of UNICON
VIII - The World Unicycling Convention 1996 +44 181 341 7587 peterp@foe.co.uk

UNICON VIII 22 Nelson Road London N8 9RU United Kingdom

United States Contacts: Andy & Constance Cotter Phone: +44 181 341 7587 1318
45th Ave. NE Minneapolis, MN 55421-3260, USA Phone: 612.788.9137 Email:

Note: For a registration form in US currency please contact the United
States Contacts.

Unicycle Hockey and Unicycle Basketball:

Tournaments for both Unicycle Hockey and Unicycle Basketball will be set up at
Unicon. The IUF rules on Hockey and Basketball stated in the IUF Rulebook will
be used. Unicycle Hockey will have two league, one battling for the world
championship title while the other league is more for fun.


Expert Category for Racing: All riders will race with their age group. For each
event that applies, the riders with the fastest times will compete together in a
single Expert heat. The 1500 m race will be raced only once, either age group or
Expert. The best times of the 1500 m race will be considered the expert riders
regardless if the best time is in the age group or the expert heat.

Unicycle(s) Used for Racing: There is no limit to the number of different
unicycles a competitor may use, so long as all fit within the applicable
restrictions for events in which they are used. Maximum wheel size for 0-10 age
category is 20" diameter with minimum 4 1/2 inch or 114 mm cranks. Maximum
wheel size for all other categories is 24" diameter with a minimum 5 inch or
125 mm cranks.

World Racing Champions: The World Racing Champions will be determined by
the following point races: 1500m, 400m, 100m, One-foot, Walk the Wheel,
and Obstacle.

The Coasting Contest is done on the track. Each rider gets a 20 metre
acceleration before removing both feet from any contact with the wheel
or pedals.

For more information on Racing please refer to the IUF Rulebook.

Artistic Freestyle and Standard Skill:

The Artistic Freestyle categories at Unicon will be Individual, Pairs and Group.
The time limits for Individual and Pairs two minutes for riders 0-14, and 3
minutes for all other riders. Junior Experts (the advanced category for 14 and
under) will have a three minute time
limit. Group Freestyle has a time limit of six minutes and a minimum of three
riders is needed.

Standard Skill has a three minute time limit for all ages. Only skills found in
the IUF Standard Skills List may be used. The Standard Skill form must be turned
in by August 7, 1996.

For more information on Artistic Freestyle or Standard Skill please refer to the
IUF Rulebook.


Judges will be needed for both Standard and Freestyle competitions. If you are
interested in judging please indicate this on the registration form. Efforts
will be made to send out a judging packet prior to the convention. Mailed
judging packets may apply to only those registering early. There will also be
judging workshops scheduled at Unicon.

Internet Access and the current IUF rules:

For updated Unicon VIII information:
http://www.foe.co.uk/foe/staff/peterp/unicon.html For general unicycling
information: http://www.unicycling.org/ For a free copy of the IUF rulebook:
ftp://ftp.unicycling.org/pub/Unicycling/iuf/iufrules. ftp.unicycling.org
For unicycle-hockey:

Note: For a paper copy of the IUF rules use the registration form to
order a copy.

International Unicycling Federation (IUF):

IUF was formed in 1982 with a short list of representatives from a few
countries. Since then IUF has produced eight International Unicycle Conventions
(Unicon). The International Unicycle Conventions have brought many people from
different cultures together for the common purpose of unicycling. The IUF has
also helped unify unicycling from around the globe and is working to make it an
Olympic sport.

Past Unicon locations: Unicon I: 1984, New York, USA Unicon II: 1986, New York,
USA Unicon III: 1987, Tokyo, Japan Unicon IV: 1988, Puerto Rico Unicon V: 1991,
Hull, Canada Unicon VI: 1992, Quebec City, Canada Unicon VII: 1994, Minnesota,
USA Unicon VIII: 1996, Guildford, England

Be a part of unicycle history and attend the World Unicycling Convention 1996,
Unicon VIII in England

= Registration Form =

World Unicycling Convention 1996 Unicon VIII August 5 to August 12, 1996
University of Surrey in Guildford, Surrey, England UNICON VIII is supported by
the British Unicycle Federation, the British Unicycle Hockey Association and the
International Unicycling Federation Inc.

Name (First,Last):____________________________________________________

Birth Date (day/month/year):__________________________________________

Sex (Male or Female): ________________________________________________



Country: _______________________________




Primary Language: ____________________________________________________

Secondary Language(s): _______________________________________________

If participant is under 18 please print name of guardian who will be present at

Your team/club name: _________________________________________________

Contact person at Unicon VIII: _______________________________________

Are you interested in performing in: ( ) Renegade Stage and/or ( ) Public Show.

Artistic and Standard Judges will be needed at Unicon. Are you willing to be a
judge for ( ) Standard and/or ( ) Freestyle.

Note: Metal pedals are not to be used on the track or in the halls, and
non-marking tyres and shoes may be required in some places.


Note: Gloves and Kneepads are mandatory for all races, helmets recommended.

Age Categories (please check ONE): ( ) Maximum 20" wheel, ages 0-10 ( ) Maximum
24" wheel, ages 0-12 ( ) Maximum 24" wheel, ages 13-15 ( ) Maximum 24" wheel,
ages 16-18 ( ) Maximum 24" wheel, ages 19-29 ( ) Maximum 24" wheel, ages 30-39 (
) Maximum 24" wheel, ages 40 & up

Note: Riders will be able to participate in all events regardless of which
events the rider is signed up for.

Events Please check all events in which you wish to participate (there may be
more events than listed): ( ) 1500m Age Group ( ) 1500m Expert Group ( ) 800m
(for 10 and under) ( ) 400m ( ) 100m * ( ) One-foot, 50m ( ) Walk the wheel ** (
) Obstacle ( ) Forward Slow ( ) Backward Slow ( ) Ultimate Wheel, 30m ( ) Relay
( ) Gliding ( ) Coasting ( ) UMX ( ) Marathon ***

  • Along with the 100m race there will be 100m Unlimited race with no wheel or
    crank arm restrictions. ** Walk the wheel is 30m for all ages and expert,
    except for 0-10 age group the distance is 10m *** The Marathon will have the
    standard class and the unlimited class. Standard class competitors for the
    marathon compete in their age group. Unlimited class is for any competitor,
    regardless of age, with no wheel or crank arm restrictions.

Artistic (Please check all events in which you wish to participate):

Age Categories: 0-8, 9-11, 12-14, 15-18, 19-29, 30-39, 40 and up, junior expert
(age 14 and under) and expert

Note: You may participate is all events, but only once per event. You can add
and change events at the convention.

Note: The Standard Skill form must be turned in by August 7, 1996.

( ) Standard Artistic; ( ) Age Group OR ( ) Jr. Expert (14 and under) OR ( )
Expert ( ) Freestyle Artistic; ( ) Age Group OR ( ) Jr. Expert (14 and under) OR
( ) Expert ( ) Pairs Artistic; ( ) Age Group OR ( ) Jr. Expert (14 and under) OR
( ) Expert

       Pairs Partner's Name: _____________________________

( ) Group Freestyle Group Name: _____________________________

( ) Group Standard Group Name:______________________________

Unicycle Sports (Please check the events in which you wish to participate):

( ) Unicycle Basketball Team Name:________________________

         Team Captain:________________________

( ) Unicycle Hockey Team Name:________________________

         Team Captain:________________________

Travel Arrangements:

Note: If transportation is needed to Guildford please arrange ahead of time with
the Unicon organizers.

( ) Auto ( ) Plane ( ) Unicycle ( ) Train ( ) Other___________________

If traveling by plane/train:

Arrival Date:__________________________________

Arrival Time:__________________________________


Airport/Train Station:_________________________

Flight/Train Number:___________________________

Departure Date:________________________________

Departure Time:________________________________


Airport/Train Station:_________________________

Flight/Train Number:___________________________


Note: There may be other lodging alternatives available (camping). Please write
for more information.
Note: Very few self-catering flats may be available. Prices start at 288 UKP for
4 people for a week. Please write for more info.
Note: The rooms are single rooms. Ensuite facilities has a private toilet and
shower or bath attached to the room.

Please check the type of accommodation: ( ) Standard; ( ) Bed and Breakfast ,
($34) 19 UKP OR ( ) Dinner, bed and breakfast, ($50) 28 UKP ( ) Ensuite; ( ) Bed
and Breakfast , ($49) 27 UKP OR ( ) Dinner, bed and breakfast, ($65) 36 UKP

Please check the evenings you will be staying: ( ) Saturday, August 3 ( )
Sunday, August 4 ( ) Monday, August 5 ( ) Tuesday, August 6 ( ) Wednesday,
August 7 ( ) Thursday, August 8 ( ) Friday, August 9 ( ) Saturday, August 10 ( )
Sunday, August 11 ( ) Monday, August 12 ( ) Tuesday, August 13


Note: The conversion to US dollars is done at 1.8 UKP to 1 $US. Extra money
after conversion will be donated to Unicon VIII.

Early Booking Rider Registration Fee (Before June 1). ($63) 35 UKP_____________

Regular Registration Fee (after June 1)…($81) 45 UKP_____________

Non-Rider Registration Fee (includes admission and transportation to all events)
($27) 15 UKP_____________

Accommodations: Number of nights _____ X cost of lodging per night ______

T-shirts: Child: ( ) Small ( ) Medium ( ) Large Adult: ( ) Small ( ) Medium ( )
Large ( ) Extra-Large

                                            ($11) 6 UKP_____________

Note: T-shirts will cost 8 UKP at the convention and all sizes will not be
available after July 1.

Complete set of Unicon rules Rules mailed to UK Residents…3

     Rules mailed outside UK......................5 UKP_____________

     Rules mailed to US (available in $US only) ($4)_____________

Team USA T-shirt (only available in $US) Adult: ( ) Small ( ) Medium ( ) Large

Please send $US to USA and UKP to England. Total: _____________

Please fill out, sign, pay and send to: If paying in UKP: Unicon VIII 22 Nelson
Road London N8 9RU United Kingdom

If paying in $US Andy & Constance Cotter (only before July 1): 1318 45th Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55421-3260 USA

For additional information contact: Peter Philip, phone: + 44 181 341 7587,
email: peterp@foe.co.uk For additional information in North America contact:
Andy & Constance Cotter, phone: 612.788.9147, email: cotter@skypoint.com

For updated Unicon VIII information on the internet:
http://www.foe.co.uk/foe/staff/peterp/unicon.html For a free copy of the IUF
rulebook via the internet:

In consideration of the British Unicycle Federation, the British Unicycle Hockey
Association , the International Unicycling Federation, and all other sponsors,
agents and representatives organizing and conducting The World Unicycling
Convention 1996, on August 5 to August 12, 1996 at the University of Surrey, in
Guildford, Surrey, England and allowing me to participate in the said meet, I
hereby waive, release and discharge British Unicycle Federation, the British
Unicycle Hockey Association , the International Unicycling Federation, and its
sponsors, agents, and representatives from all claims, demands, rights, and
causes of action of whatsoever kind and nature arising directly from any and all
known/unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, bodily and personal injury, damage to
property, and consequences thereof resulting from my participation in said The
World Unicycling Convention 1996. I assume all risks of injury or mishap
resulting from my participation and covenant, not to sue the aforementioned
parties for said injuries and/or damage. I also permit you to provide, furnish
or engage emergency medical treatment to me or my said son or daughter. I give
permission for the use of my name and/or picture in any broadcast, telecast or
other account of this event. I know of no physical or medical condition which
should prevent me from participating in this event.



Signature of Parent or Guardian:______________________________________