UNICON VIII may not be in Germany; IUF is looking for another host.

Things are not looking good for UNICON VIII in Germany. So the IUF is
asking everyone on the list if they know of an alternate host or at least
potential host.

In general we would like to have the UNICON held in even years. So UNICON VIII
would be held in 1996, probably around August. That is not much more than 20
months from now. It should be our goal to find an alternate host within 2
months, so they will have 18 months to plan for the UNICON should the Germans
finally decide they definitely can’t do it. We are still hopeful they can do it,
but without government financial backing of an event of this size, the German
club(s) could become bankrupt (Facilities are far more expensive in Germany than
the US) should they decide to go ahead anyway.

Jack Halpern wrote:

>John and IUF executive gang, it seems that the time has come to act. I suggest
>that we should post an announcement on the mailing list and OOW that we are
>looking for a UNICON VIII host, preferably England but possibly at other sites.
>The announcement should explain that IUF will provide maximum help with
>judging, computer programs, databases etc. and what being a host involves, etc.

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