UNICON VIII in Germany

Rolf Sander wrote:
|> Jack,
|> last weekend we had the unicycle convention near Braunschweig. There Wanja,
|> Thomas, Christoph and I had a chance to talk to Josef Pooschen. The
|> definitive result from this talk is that the BDR will not help us to organize
|> UNICON 96. I was quite disappointed to see that the BDR is such a
|> conservative organization.
|> However, this does not mean that UNICON in Germany is dead. For now, it only
|> means that we have to find a place ourself where it can be. I still think
|> that Wanja or Thomas might be able to find something suitable (Christoph is
|> going to focus his activities on hockey).

It’s real sad to hear such news. When I went to Germany in early September and
we had that meeting with Hans Born, I was full of optimism. I have known Hans
for many years, and he has always been a supporter of unicycling. During the
meting he was quite for the idea of helping us, albeit in an unofficial
capacity. Well, now that the BDR is out of the picture, we have to move really
fast – we have much less time than you realize. I do hope the UNICON VIII
Committee can come up with alternative facilities. Thomas Geisst, whose group
has participated in several Unicons, is very capable and could no doubt be
very helpful.

The good news is that you can expect a (probably very) large delegation from
Japan – the Japanese have been waiting for a UNICON in Germany for years.

At any rate, we must make a decision real soon. If the answer is no, we must act
very quickly. I think the UK is a distinct possiblity, and I have had offers
form someone to sponsor it. I do hope that everyone reading this do what they
can to help UNICON VIII happen iin Germany.

Rolf, I would appreciate it if you can get a copy of this message to the UNICON
VIII Committee members and other German unicyclists.

I assure you that the IUF will do all in our power to help you. We (I) can
provide you with a database of poptential participants, software for managing
the competitions (courtesy of Andy Cotter), run the judging, etc.

So please, German unicyclists, do whatever is in your power to make this
a reallity!

Long Live Einrad in Deutschland!

Stay in top,

Jack Halpern IUF Vice President

so, how did things go?

who won the street comp:p