Unicon Video Competition

Nearly all videos from the Unicon video competition are now online, one is still missing and one is blocked for public use actually. So take a look at the 10 videos we have now together.

Video Competition at Unicon XIV

Great work Olaf! Is there a reason Jess Riegels video is missing? I’d love to see that one again

The only reason is that I dont get him on the line up to now to get a wmv version, it will follow soon I think cause I also want to see it :smiley:

nice! :wink:

Round 2 is blocked? Wheres Spencers vid?

Liked the first bail in boubousse video. BC for the win

Can you download from utv?

Um yeh you can but there is no link on the page for downloads.Press ctrl+u and it will come up with the page source for the video you are on.Press ctrl+f and a search box will come up.Type in ‘flv’,‘wmv’ or ‘mov’ depending on what format you want to download and click search/find.Keep clicking find next until it comes up with the link to the download.Now all you have to do is copy the link into the address bar.If it doesnt ask you to download you have to go to file and then save page as.I hope i helped and i am using firefox but it should be similar on internet explorer

Thanks so much! There’s so many vids I wanted to download off there like all Shaun’s old ones.

yes i want to see it again :smiley:

it was so cool…

pls spencer put it on vimeo or youtube :o