Unicon vid on youtube

Yeah, I’ll just post this

Awesome! :smiley: Wish i could’ve been there :frowning:

good video, nice flavour of all the different events, wish I’d seen the group freestyle now

At just past two minutes there was a pairs routine–two guys in dark pants, white shirts, suspenders–doing some slap-stick type stuff.

Does anyone know who they are?


Awesome… Some great footage… I just started to watch my videos… I have 7 hours to edit!!!

Thanks for the video!

PS: I can see me wearing a bucket hat in the last high jump scene (Joe Hodges Trying to jump the bar)

nice variety in that video. The free style pairs were awesome

Yeah It was!.. These 2 guys made a really fun and hard run… Was really cool…

But the japanese group freestyle was REALLY impressive!

They’re Swiss and ended up winning the freeestyle pairs. one of their names is Gilles (spelling?) and I’ve forgotten the other fellas name.

back to damp england:( bring back the endless sunshine, heavy tricks being done round every corner, and smiley faces everywhere! i’d rather be back in unicon!!!:slight_smile:

The pairs freestyle looked MENTAL!

the pairs where awesome.