Unicon VI on Amazing Games -ESPN 1992

This is a video of a documentary that was filmed at the Unicon VI held in Quebec, Canada in 1992. The TV show was called Amazing Games and it was broadcasted by ESPN. It was recorded on a VHS tape and I recently transferred to my computer.

Very interesting!!!

I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for sharing realy nice to see footage from such an old unicon :).

Muy buen video Carlos!! me gusto mucho


Sweet! You can so tell its the 90’s.

rock on canada keep not giving a crap about the world and have fun… i love canada lol. this was very very interesting i wasnt even born yet (1994)



thanks for posting this Carlos!

Awesome! Never been to a unicon, do they get a lot of media attention?

Laugh Out Very Loud at 6:40 when the geezer throws hi uni at a barrel!! I know I’ve felt like that sometimes…

Thanks for posting this vid, it was very interesting to see how much the unis have change in the last decade and a half.

Thank you for your comments! Yes, that was a great event, and for those who were fortunate to be there it was one of those events that are not easily forgotten.
Canada is a beautiful country and they have been fortunate to hold 2 Unicons. In those days mostly Schwinn, Semcyle and Miyata unicycles dominated the Unicon. By the way, the unicycle I used in that Unicon is the one I still use to play basketball, a Semcyle Deluxe and is still in perfect condition …

And for those who prefer Youtube here it is:


(Vimeo’s video quality is better):smiley:

Compared with other sports it doesn’t get a lot of attention. But it will also depend on the country where it is held. If you’ve never been in a Unicon you should really try to go to one, you will not regret it. I have attended to 9 Unicons and they always gets better and better.

I know, Canada tends to do that!

cool video!