UNICON UK Team Leader

Hey guys,

does anyone know who we put for the UK team leader at UNICON. Foolishly I wasn’t listening as well as I could have been when told and I have no details for this person.

If anyone can help please get in touch as soon as you can.

Thanks in advance,


I believe Keith had nobly stepped forward for that position

Any contact details for Keith, need to stick them down on the registration form as he is accountable for my actions, haha, good luck to him.

PM them to me if you have them.



Fill in Keith’s name in the field
“Team/Club Contact Person at UNICON:”

You shouldn’t need any contact details.

If you’re thinking of the Emergency Contact details - this is something that is relevant only to you. In other words, if you pass out, who is called to find out that we can just slap you until you are awake. :smiley: