Unicon Uk riders

Hi Im based in South West and I found a deal on British Airways today return flight to zurich from bristol for £79 any one interested im only 16 an have only flown once and wouldnt mind some one to fly with

e mail me on lucasiokingofdagetto@hotmail.com

it looks fun i mite save up sum moola. Did you go last SWUM?? if so i was the guy with the new KH 05 i was also new. You were?


haha Lucas was earing a white shirt with a necklace and jeans?

Guys, I’m planning on going to Unicon but on Flyglobespan.com you can get very cheap flights to geneva, the lowest I’ve seen about £9.99 but it averages about £30 one way. You should check it out cause it could save you some serious dough,


checking it out

no good for me, no flights from bristol

My friends and I from the midlands should be going to Unicon this year, planning to ship uni’s with Roger and fly to Zurich, train to Langenthal. Not sure where from yet. Make sure you check the luggage allowance on low-cost flights, they might be insanely low and you might struggle to get a weeks worth of stuff onto the plane.


To try and coordinate travel and accomodation for UK riders going to Unicon, and potentially provide cheap shipping for unicycles, we’ve put a form on the UUU website so that people can register interest in going.

Check out the form http://www.unicycle.org.uk/unicon2006.html

We’ll contact people who express interest and arrange for paying as one group (saves on cost of wiring money) and try and sort out group dorms for UK folks.

There is a possibility of transporting unicycles to Switzerland in a van, this should work out cheaper for people taking more than one uni but cost will depend on the number of people wanting to use it.

Thanks to Roger for agreeing to coordinate the UK entries.