Unicon Short Videos!

Basically post all of your quick clips/unedited unicon stuff here.

Here’s a flat battle:

aaaaand Eli’s 1260!


Eli’s Superman 180

Clean riding, Julia. You were obviously well prepared. And Mary came really close to landing that 720. It was a good battle. It seemed very short though.

I was basically floored by your riding in that flat battle Julia. You were awesome.

One more for a good day - Muni Obstacles

Here’s an upside down thingy I did. Alister Burt took the video:

I were lucky to be one of the few to see this in real life!!

I was really pulling for Eli. Does anyone know what place he finished? Is he the first to land a 1260? I haven’t heard of anyone else, but maybe I just missed it.

Also, great riding Julia. Very smooth tricks even in competition! Congrats again!

What in the world?!?!? How is that even possible? lol

I remember when I saw Adrien land it from a drop, but you basically just landed it on flat ground. Has this ever been done before? Did you have some kind of super secret “flubber” in your tire? hahahahahah

It’s the first 1260 ever done.

He took ninth in flat, which is sort of disappointing after his first place preliminary run. Buuuut I think it was his first time competing internationally, so he’ll be better off next time around for sure.

If I’m wrong, feel free to correct me…

A few I found from the trials:

Impressive stuff!