UNICON: request for coker


I am getting ready for UNICON and really excited.

I wanted to ship my Coker to Switzerland, but find that Canada Post will not do it and that it will be incredibly expensive and quite complicated to send it by courier. I am entered in the marathon and 10k races and really do want to participate.

So, I was wondering if there is anyone who will have a Coker at UNICON that they are not planning to use themselves in these events, and that they would be prepared to lend me. I would be very grateful if anyone would do this. If there is anyone and they can think of a way that I could repay them let me know … I could bring something from Canada…copies of my movie…Toronto Unicyclist or Bedford t-shirts???

I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone in Switzerland.

Toronto, Canada

I’ll be bringing a coker that’ll be spare for the races…
You’ve got first dibs, then John Foss.
my contact details are at www.unicyclemagazine.com/contact.html, or PM me.

At the risk of sounding like a copycat, me too! I’m in a similar situation - I’d like to take a muni, my trials uni and my freestyle uni as well as a coker to UNICON. However the airline’s excess baggage charges for taking all these wheels halfway round the world would be astronomical. In return for use of a Coker I can offer a Team NZUNi T-shirt or copies of my movies on DVD…

Any others? (we could start this into a bidding war…)

There could be two or three spare for the 10k & Marathon - I suggest any one else after one (except John Foss) post here if they would like to join the list!

My 36" should be free for the marathon, I won’t be using it as I leave that morning. This can’t be confirmed until after we arrive as I am not convinced all the ‘essential’ wheels will fit in the car, this is equally true for the car which would bring it back to the UK for me.

I am riding in the 10k, but I might ride alongside one of my kids as they are too young to ride alone, if so I would use my 29er. If they drop out I will be on the 36".


thanks mike

I have sent you an email about the coker.

thanks again

oh is there anything you need from canada?


Thanks for the offer Keg, we’ll see how this pans out at the event. See you in Switzerland.