Unicon Preparty at the Hilton Copenhagen!

I messed up and forgot to book a night anywhere tonight and since I had already gotten screwed out a lot of money at the airport I figured screw it and I’m living large at the Hilton next to the airport, so if anyone wants to come party in my rediculous room that includes 4 free minibar drinks and internet, and probably enough room for loads of people to crash on the floor either email me or respond to this or show up at the hilton and come to room 925.

Yes its unicycling related because its unicon!

It was like a thousand Krones or something which is about 100 pounds, so it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought, and its a deluxe room so its bloody huge, amazing view and the like. I have both a shower and a bathtub with a shower, free drinks (I will probably stash them for later if nobody comes over), free fast internet, and probably the best bed I will sleep in in the next few years (I sleep on a couch at home).

I also stole a baggage cart from the airport (although it will probably go back with me tomorrow)

man… I want to go to UNICON!

Haha, nice. too bad I’m not going to Unicon.

I think I remember that place from FLUCK last year. I don’t know, maybe not, I know the airport is pretty big…

I think its the only hotel that is actually attached the the airport, and the airport is pretty small in comparison to what I’ve been to in the past couple months. I really liked this one though, it was the easiest to get through, and very organized.