UNICON organizers....?

Sorry about this post that seems to not quite fit in here…

I sent in my registration for UNICON around 3 weeks ago and the check still hasn’t cleared. Are they holding them until the event? I don’t mind, I’m just worried that this means they never received my registration.


There is contact info for the organizers at <http://www.nwcue.org/contacts/nwcue.html>

Email Tom Daniels or Dan Clapp and I’m sure one of them will be able to tell you if they have received your registration.

Re: UNICON organizers…?

I passed this on to Tom Daniels but if you can translate your signature into a
name with an email we can get back to you about your check.
Barb K.

Thanks everyone. I emailed Tom. I just figured I’d run it by the forum before bugging him in an email. I just thought if they are holding the checks, plenty of you guys would be aware that I wouldn’t have to bother him…