UNICON need a place to stay!!!

Hey guys. My lodging plans for unicon fell through. does anyone have a place open to stay for unicon. I got some money for lodging if necessary.

But I seriously need a place guys. Or i am gonna be on the street!

Let me know

Hey man, should be room on the floor where I’m staying.

I’ll leave it out there as a last resort for you. (familiar faces you might know, Michael Padial and Pele(peles on the floor :p))

Dude that would be SWEET. got any info?

Yeh you can sleep on the floor if you want.That makes 14 people hahaha. www.lodgeinthecity.co.nz theres a map on there and we arrive there on the 26th

No man, 16 XD!!!

So what Is the story on this guys? Whats the cost? are we all splitting it? Is this place full?

16? wtf lol. Who have we got now?

The room was originaly for 12 people, and we’ve paid for the room.

We’re not charging anyone thats staying on the floor, aslong as you guys dont try to get into my bed :stuck_out_tongue: Chipping in for food would be nice tho.

Alex, its down to 15 now. But that might change, one of my friends are coming but she might bail out. So might just be Phil and Pele on the floor.

Alrighty!!! Count me in! I can handle any floor you throw at me!

Hey guys. Glad to have another Muni rider in our room- but think that to be fair to all the people that paid full for the accommodation that people that are crashing on the floor contribute to the rent. Chris your food idea won’t work because of peoples different dietary needs etc. You and I might be vegetarians but we can’t expect everyone else to go by what we want (plus i think it would be easier more realsitic that people will want to organise their own meals/food anyway).

There is also the issue of space. Those Dorms are not big and we will have 14 guys with more than 14 unicycles and large backpacks for those traveling from overseas. Just a thought. It would be good for us to help out pele and phil but we need to be realistic about it

lol i booked the room and i am allowing a maximum of 14 people.No space and more unicycles = more of an epic unicon

Yeah good point… Hate being realistic :stuck_out_tongue:

Aussies don’t forget you owe Mike $15 hahaha, not his fault theres an exchange rate. As for people floor crashing, if you go unnoticed and don’t complain about being uncomfortable, I don’t see the need to charge. But I’m sure we’ll think of something.

lets negotiate. if the people on the floor 1. dont complain 2. dont b annoying (first 2 rules go for everyone i geuss :p) 3. make up for all those $15 that us aussies owe mike, then im fine with them.
and dont say that the $15 charge is unreasonable cause our room is gona b bloody crowded now

The more the merrier, your words I believe? haha.

And yeah I guess the $15 thing is fine really considering some of you aussies are paying for nights your not even staying there, legendary.

Pele buy the room a box or two the first night you get there so we can get to know you! haha. Same goes for Phil :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll all get along juuuust fine me thinks.

Hey that basically means im paying for the boxes LOL !!

Haha yeah keep in mind, $15 isnt alot to you but for mike it adds up to over $50 of shit that he shouldn’t be paying for.

ok i’ll give mike $15 wen i get there but i expect our floor people to buy us those boxes for the first couple of nights (starting from the 27th wen i arrive:p)

anything sounds good guy… What are these boxes you guys are talking about? If I got to throw 15 in thats fine. I can afford that…

But I am down with getting a box as well…

Minor, insignificant details haha. We’ll look after you.

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