Unicon lost property

I seem to have left a roll of film in Switzerland. It’s a 35mm film from Fujicolor, 24 frames, ISO 200. I’d quite like to see the photos I took, so if anyone has picked it up, please let me know. I was staying in room 13 of the Truppenunterkunft, so that’s the most likely place it’ll have been found, but I don’t know when it went missing, so it could be anywhere in Langenthal.

I really ought to go digital.

I have found a head torch thing so if ne1 can tell me a brand of one they lost then ill send it to em at some point

2 days after unicon we disposed everything we found, sorry no chance to get it back. :frowning:

that sucks

Just don’t loose your digital camera when you get it… then you are $500 in the hole…

that glass is half empty, my friend! When one loses a digital camera, one gets to buy a new digital camera!


What’s Film?