Unicon IX

Craig Milo Rogers <rogers@isi.edu> wrote:
> (For reference, the 1998 UNICON dates stated in an earlier message are:
> Sat 25 Jul - Mon 03 Aug 1998.)
> Traditionally, NUCs and UNICONs have tried to avoid conflicting with the
> IJA’s annual convention. I’ve looked on the http://www.juggling.org and
> http://www.juggle.org, but have been unable to find a proposed date for
> the 1998 IJA convention. Currently, the proposed location is the
> Primadonna Casino, in Primm, NV, 35 miles west of Las Vegas. This could
> tie in well to the 1998 NUC, if they are held a weekend apart. However,
> there’s a lot of grumbling online about the proposed IJA venue.

The Primadonna is on I-15, on the CA/NV border. It’s across the street from
Buffalo Bill’s, a hotel/casino that is surrounded by the world’s tallest roller
coaster, the Desperado. See a couple of pictures of the area on my web page:

Primadonna is a very nice place, but it is in the middle of the desert. There
are three hotels, a train that connects them, a gas station, a Mc Donalds, and
nothing else. As long as people stay indoors, it’ll make a nice convention.

As for conflict, the IJA Festival is nearly always the weekend before our NUC,
or the third weekend in July. Monrovia and the Primadonna are only 3-4 hours
apart by car (I think), so it would be nice if a conflict could be avoided.
However it’s more important to avoid conflict with the World Championships of
our own sport. Even though there may be more crossover between the NUC and the
IJA Festival, I believe UNICON should take precedence if there is a conflict.

East coast juggler/unicyclists types, take note because you have an even better
reason to make the long trip; you should be able to attend both conventions!

Stay on Top, John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone http://www.calweb.com/~unifoss/index.htm

“Never two tired” (unless I’m riding with Brett)

Background: Unicon IX is the 9th International Unicycle Convention to be held in
Bottrop, Germany from July 25, 1998 to August 3, 1998. This is the first time
the Unicon is held in Germany and is shaping up to be a huge convention.

The Unicon IX web page has been updated with new information about Unicon
including more hotel information, announcements and a registration form. The IUF
Unicon Web page will be updated shortely with the new information. Also, the
registration form is currently only available in Excel but the IUF Unicon web
page will have it available in other formats. Currently the reg form (in my
opinion), is missing some information (individual freestyle and standard) and
will hopefully be updated soon.

The cost for Unicon IX is 80DM for each competitor 20DM for each non-rider
(includes entry fee for all competition days)

One more item I would like to point out from reading the Unicon IX web page is
that “The registration ends on 30.04.1998. No registration afterwards!”. This
means that everybody who wants to compete in Unicon IX must have their
registration form in by May 1. Another important point taken from the web site
is that: “Changes in the Freestyle competition are not possible after deliver
the registration form.”

Please note that I do not represent Unicon IX or IUF in any way. I’m just
passing on information that I think is useful to other unicyclists. For more
detailed information please check out the web site.

Usefull URLs: Unicon IX: http://home.t-online.de/home/Platzcke-Widlak/ IUF:

Unicon IX email address: Platzcke-Widlak@t-online.de


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