Since I am running out of space in my house, I have been throwing away lots of
stuff. last night it was time to check the old paperwork from UIV held in Puerto
Rico during 1988.

I threw away lots of the mail from before the UNICON, as it had to do mostly
with stuff, but I kept all of the mail from after, as it dealt with feelings,
friendships, and positive expressions.

I had forgotten that I had received so much beautiful mail from so many
people. People from Japan, from Europe, and mostly from the USA. East Coast,
Chicago, Minnesota, California, etc. From people I still see every two years
and from people that I have not seen in a long time. Whatever happened to the
Edwards family?

I urge the host of UXI to take advantage of the UNICON. Use it to develop
unicycling in your area. Use it as a contribution to your community. But try to
organize it such a way that you will be able to enjoy it and nourish some
friendships that you will cherish through the years.

As far as I am concerned, that is the real UNICON, just to be able to mingle
with people from all over the world. To show our culture and learn from theirs.
To see in which ways are we alike and in which are we different. And to keep
those memories and relationships for a lifetime.

I can see in the future, many years from now, a bunch of old men in rocking
chairs. I will be the one with the smile.

Alberto Ruiz

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