UNICON: Iron Horse Trail maps and info

I have started putting up some info on the various trail rides around Snoqualmie. The first one up is the map of the Iron Horse Trail that we will be riding on July 25th (the first day of UNICON). I have maps posted and some basic info about the trail. I still need to add driving directions.

The info is at <http://backcountry.unicyclist.com/> Just follow the links. The web pages are pathetic. Greg Harper could do a much better job than I can. It’s a good thing I don’t make my living as a web designer. But the info will be there.

I’ll post info on the other rides when I get back from the July 4th holiday. The info posted on the web is there to give you an idea of what types of rides are in the area.

The Iron Horse Trail is a fun ride. 17 miles all downhill.