Unicon Grenoble cancelled!

I guess I wasn’t expecting otherwise the way things have been going with Corona, but it was still very dissapointing to read:

I understand your grief and disappointment, MUCFreerider, nevertheless I’d argue that these are great news!

The people behind Unicon 20 have put great efforts in organising it already. The coronavirus pandemic annihilates their efforts largely. Postponement until next year means more work for everybody involved. I think that we can be happy that they are up for it and thank and support them! :slight_smile:

Not the best choice of thread title. Unicon 20 is postponed, but not cancelled. I don’t think they had much of a choice. If you push it back later in the year, you don’t know if it will be safe by then or not, but surely school will be in session and it just wouldn’t be workable. Well, maybe if they did it like the '68 Winter Olympics, we could do Muni downhill in the snow… but no.

So next year makes the most sense. I hope there won’t be too much pain for people that have to cancel travel plans; we had several hotel reservations (going around France before Unicon) and of course the airfare. So we reset our brains and aim for next year, and hope all of our favorite unicyclists, and as many others as possible, can still be with us then.

This will not be the first time Unicon was held on an odd year; it will be the third. Unicon II was originally planned for 1985, as an annual event. We were going to host it in the same venue as Unicon I, which was also the same venue as the 1983 USA National Meet (which I refer to as Unicon Zero). But that big field house and gymnasium had major roof damage over the winter (partial collapse) so it wasn’t available for 1985 and we moved it to 1986. Unicon III followed, in 1987, then Unicon IV in 1988. At the end of that one, everyone seemed to agree that every year was too much to keep up with, and we decided to go to a semi-annual event. But a host couldn’t be found for 1990, so Unicon V was in 1991 (Hull, Quebec). That was followed by Unicon VI in Quebec City. After that it was every even year. That gave Canada three Unicons, and with Unicon VII in '94, three for the USA. Granted these were a lot smaller than Unicon is today!

On the one hand I am very sorry that UNICON is postponed because it would have been my first and not to far away and on the other hand it takes away the uncertainty beacuse I doubt that it would be possible this summer. The organizers will have lots of additional work for sure and probably have to think for many other things these days.

I appreciate very much that John Foss almost always has interesting stories to add to his posts. By collecting these stories from the posts in this forum one could write a book about the history of unicycling.

That’s very kind of you, Ernst, but unicycling was around for about 100 years before I got involved. I missed a lot! But I was around for the early formative times of the IUF. :slight_smile: