Unicon freestyle question

I am going to unicon this year and am planning to enter age group freestyle, but I cannot find any videos from previous unicons only the expert category,
any one no of any or could give me bit of info

cheers Lucas

The experts generally set the best example of what a Freestyle performance should look like. Your best bet is to keep watching them. I have some Freestyle clips at the link below, but they are mostly expert:

Sorry to thread jack Lucas but John, I cant send you a PM not sure why? Any way in your signature line it has your website and #3 is not true. Some people have landed this including Sabin Arditty. Just thought I would give you a heads up :wink:

#3: Coasting with no feet on the frame
Ask anyone including this rider, Sem Abrahams, and they will tell you that this simply will not work. In case you’re wondering how Sem did it here, remember that the camera lies. Let’s just say it was a “brief” demonstration. This picture was taken at Sem’s Unicycle Sportclub in 1983. (OOW Spring 1992 – UNICYCLING 6/2)’

i dought it, maybe for like a split second but not enough to consider it doable

well, He did it for atleast 2 revolutions and got his feet back on the pedals so I would consider this 2 feet extended coasting.


i wanna see this, where can i

He does it in Defect twice and it is in the thread of favourite videos or something. It is the Demo 99’ Video.


Back on topic… Lucas - I will try to bring some videos to BUC and get someone to show them. Also, if you watch the Expert routines, just reduce the number & variety of skills and you’ll have a rough idea. Age group can be real hit or miss for the quality of the routine. Some age group routines are expert-class while some look as if the rider has put no thought into the routine and never practiced it.

If you have your routine ready for competition at BUC, I’d be happy to spend some time with you to polish your routine.


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“Landing” a coasting trick means you fell off, right? :slight_smile: I don’t think I’ve ever seen sustained no-feet coasting that was done on purpose. Two revolutions? Sounds pretty cool! Can he do it twice in a row?

One of the reasons for that item (Things not to do) was to counter an illustration in the old Complete Book Of Unicycling by Jack Wiley (1984). In there he had a computer-drawn illustration of someone coasting, which he had never seen. So he assumed you would have both feet extended forward, as you would in extended one-footing. But that wasn’t really the way to do it.

Sounds great conie i have the first 2 mins learnt off by hear but im finding it really physically demanding cardi vascularly, and this i found strange because my fitness is above average so I think I may have to tweek my routine but we will see.

Cheers Lucas

It was Brian Lundgren (uniextreme) that did the no footed coasting in defect, he did it twice in the movie and got about 2 revs in before getting back to the pedals.

Freestyle is very demanding on the cardio! Back when I was doing it competitively, I could only practice my routines (3 mins) back-to-back when I was in the best of shape. Usually I’d need more of a rest than the time it took to rewind the cassette…

But tweaking your routine is the right way to go to ensure it works. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you can hardly ever get through it in practice, don’t expect to do well under the added pressure of competition, with a big audience, judges, and unknown demands upon your system from the travel and other experiences. It’s okay to have breaks in the performance. Make sure to leave room for applause–if you run all the great stuff together, the audience gets caught up and doesn’t know when to clap. If you do something really good, give us a chance to respond! Build it into the choreography. Practice in front of audiences whenever you can.

Come to think of it, holding on to the seat gives that second point of contact with the cycle that can make that trick repeatable. Without holding on, it’s much more of a crapshoot. Way to go Brian!

…But Sem’s no-hands version still rates a place on Things Not To Do.

Your right as well, My mistake.