Unicon Expert Freestyle Routine

This is my routine from Denmark

Truely the Brad Pit of unicycling.


Haha Jon said that this fall. Its like you were there

It just came into my mind. Hah, weird.

Not like I’m quoting Jon from a video unibikeling made or anything, aaahaha…haaa… hah…

I’m not sure that was the phrase you were looking for…

Was thinking that aswell.

Great routine. Only 3 dismounts! (well, four if you include the very end of the routine :P).

That’s impressive (to me at least). Nice job.

Very very inpressive, that was a huge line of tricks with only a handful of small mistakes, everything just looked effortless and your transitions were weal smooth. How did that only get third?

I was wondering where my old Disco Outfit went! :slight_smile:
Truly remarkable … you really put some time in on that uni. Be proud.
Those backward wheel walks are just crazy.


Here is the 1st place pair run

Nice routine remains me of smily.