Unicon event categories

Does anyone know if the chosen /roadmuni events categories be changed after registration/during Unicon?

I’m not sure if I would want to ride the beginner, or be challenged and do intermediate/elite. Does it matter what I choose if I don’t plan on being ‘competitive’?
Also for road races, I’m not sure which unicycle I’ll bring yet either…

Depends on the organizer for each event, usually. For MUni there is a fair amount of logistics trying to organize it so I expect there will be a cutoff for changes. You probably should signup for intermediate, you’ll be fine.

Road, you can always register in unlimited and worry about the unicycle later.

Both for XC and for road races, the waves will be made in advance. I think it should be possible to make changes afterwards, but you have to come forward quickly.

You don’t know yet if you’re taking a G36 for the road races?

From what I understand, the elite XC race is reserved for those who want to be competitive. I haven’t done the recce, but I’ve seen the profile and heard enough about it to know that I’d have more fun on the advanced race. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Tom. Hard for me to gauge the courses myself, but appreciate your input. Intermediate does sound right for me.

Actually, I’m 90% sure about using a G29 for the uphill road race, with 10% chance I’d use ungeared depending on how steep it is. I don’t have a G36 for the other road races (yet). So if I decide to not be competitive in muni and just ride my G29 uni, then it would simplify my travel a lot (which is what I’m leaning towards).

If the uphill climb turns out to be Alpe D’Huez (which would be awesome), I’d say that it’s quite a bit like Diablo if you’re not racing it. Probably harder than Diablo if you’re racing it.

Personally I’m just bringing an ungeared 29er and skipping the road races other than the climb. But I hate road races anyway.

I’m actually considering a G27.5 instead. The G29 felt too high of a gear for me at Diablo already.
(I’m assuming it’s around 6% to 6.5% gradient…) If it’s 8% like Alpe D’Huez, I’ll regret not bringing an ungeared 29er. Though, I guess riding in low gear is still an option if it comes to that.