Unicon Downhill Expert: Video(One in the world)

Not long now until the Unicon in Bressanone … Since I live only 20 minutes away from Bressanone I often go to the downhill track and so i made with some southtyrolean riders a little video…

The video shows some parts of the expert track…

It´s not a real track video, more a normal Muni Video that accidental was made on the official Downhill Track…


See you at the Unicon…:slight_smile:


Sry for my english, I´m italian :wink:

Brilliant video dude! Some great riding and crashes, I LOVE the look of that track :smiley: Makes me wish I was coming to unicon :frowning:

Great too see you guys have got a fair few riders there! Dude that young guy at 1:50 with the Shlumpf :open_mouth: Pretty young to have a KH shumlpf :open_mouth:

Looks like the sort of track that is dusty and dry and hard to maintain grip on it. Personaly I think you should use less slowmo, but great edit :smiley:

Great video :slight_smile:
Track looks exciting in this view :slight_smile:

Yes, it`s a schlumpf…;D
I know that i used a lot of slowmo, put i wanted to make a quiet video and also the musik track is very quiet, so…

I would love to see my UPDs and crashes recorded in such a quality. One can learn a lot out of this. Thanks for sharing!!