Hello out there-
I would love to go to UNICON 2008 but I am from Canada, so plane tickets + Hotel + this and that, just doesnt add up to be a cheap trip. I am not a bad unicylcist, I can do some stuff but nothing jaw dropping. But was wondering how a guy like me is supossed to get the money to go! Do you think I could get my LBS to sponser me to help with the cost?

I don’t think so, because how would it help them?

you are going to be around lots of people who will probably never be within 1000 miles of the bike shop.

get your mom and dad to pay for it?

or, think about wether or not you want to go with enough advance to save up enough money… I’ve decided to go to UNICON 2010 in Darwin that’s $5,000 USD just for a plane ride from where I live to Darwin… not to mention the weeks worth hotel stay and then food and souvenirs and UNICON cost ect… I’ve got about $200 in my UNICON fund already now I need to figure out how I’m going to come up with at least another $5,800 so I can afford the plane and hotel and extras…

Good point about the sponsership-never thought of it like that. Parents would pay for alitle but not enough to get me out ther

And I think I might have to skip this year then and do what you are doing Ducttape-I just have never been and just was really excited at the thought of going! But I will have to look further in the future I guess

yeah, I wanted to go this year too but didn’t have the money for it… My parents offered to pay for me to go to Moab next year though because i wanted to go last time and couldn’t make it…

How coming to New Zealand in 2010 instead? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s probably why there are so few Southern Hemisphere riders at previous Unicons, although airfares are fairly cheap nowadays.

I thought UNICON 2010 was in Darwin AUS at least it was last I heard… did it change?

you could do what im doin and get a part time job(though idk wat the minimum wrking age is in Canada, i work at quiznos btw:D ).idk how much my parents r gona pay, but probably about half or a bit more i dont rly know. well ne ways, i hope to c u there!

Just work like everyone else. It really isn’t hard to make that much money in high school. If you really need to just sell some drugs or souls or something.

But yeah just get yourself a job. If you are worried about grades dropping or something then get a job at somewhere like a tim hortons in the middle of nowhere and tell them you can only work nights. Then you can just do your homework and stuff while your working.

It really shouldn’t be hard to find a job where you can work for about 36 hours a week, with those kind of hours you could afford unicon in two or three months.

I’m going to Unicon and it should be a blast.

I Have a really good paying job, the only probably is I only work when they need me and it is slow until spring again! So maybe I should look into a side Job then…Its just going to be hard with all my extra stuff-between sports and music! I guess I have some choices to make then