Unicon... besides the unicycling?

I hope to go to Unicon this year, and would like to enter the distance road races. With over a week there, and presumably events in lots of various places, I was wondering what kind of atmosphere there is. How many unicycle-type people are likely to be around? Do things tend to get spread out and you do your own thing the rest of the time, just watching some events you’re interested in? Is accommodation in a similar location, Olympic Village style, or would people be scattered all over the place? Will multitudes of unicyclists be hanging out at any given time/place?

I’m trying to get a feel for the thing, and to convince my non-unicycling girlfriend that she’d not too intimidated by scary unicycle people. :slight_smile:


UNIcon ussually implies alot of uni based activity but i dont think theyre gonna ty you down and make you watch…so im guessing that you can do your own thing.

We’re not that scary.

Well, most of us…

There are plenty of old threads out there that mention the fun atmosphere of Unicon. Village-wise, each is different. We’re too low budget to build our own village, so it depends on where the hotels/dorms/campsites are.

Okay, a little more for Keg:
My wife doesn’t ride either. In fact she started a little group called the Unicycle Widows. She loves Unicon, and getting to see friends from last time. This will be her 4th Unicon, and will be right after 8th USA National convention.

Hi Sam,

My family is attending but as my wife is a non-rider, and is determined to stay that way, I am also slightly concerned about the social side of Unicon, especially for the non-riders. Hopefully someone could comment here who’s other half has attended previous Unicon, but doesn’t ride?

I believe most of the UK group plan to stay in the same Dorm, with a couple of families (including us) staying in B&B’s. Other than Roger & Des flying around SSMM how many scary riders do you know?:smiley:


Jackie is the best, she organises the riders and non riders! no more said.


Re: Unicon… besides the unicycling?

On Thu, 9 Feb 2006 17:41:50 -0600, keg wrote:
> I believe most of the UK group plan to stay in the same Dorm, with a
> couple of families (including us) staying in B&B’s.

After Unicon in Japan, I can highly recommend trying to stay as close
as possible to everyone else, even if it costs more (within reason,
obviously). I didn’t feel as much a part of things as I have at
previous Unicons, what with the commute to the event site, and not
being able to stick around late at night.

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