Unicon - Baggage, Check List!

Weather report, untill the 30th of December theres no sign of rain. Some people tell me that Wellington hasn’t warmed up as much as the rest of NZ yet, so I’ve decided to put together a check list!

1 Rain coat MAY be neccesary, but I’m not bringing one.
2 Hoodies/sweat shirts (don’t need to worry about these so much, I’ll warm up from riding)
LOTS of T-shirts, I’ll be packing T-shirts into my bag when I’ve put everything else in.
Sunscreen, NZ’s sun is very harsh
Sun hat
Shin pads
Tools, allen keys, pedal rench, spanners
Puncture repaid kit
Printed maps of Wellington/venues/lodge locations
Air bed for Pele and Phil to fight over
KH frame for Pele
Spare pedals
Deodorant :wink:
Sleeping bag
Camera + charger
Spare camera batteries
Camera bag/HANDBAG
Phone charger
Laptop + charger
Ipod + headphones
Spare shoes
Night wear :wink:
Air pump
Spare tube
Hacksaw(lol yes really)
Bags for dirty clothes!
First aid kit :wink:

Hmmm what am I missing… help me guys

I’m working on the same thing.

I’d say yours matches up with mine pretty well, but you might want some underwear.

Whats underwear? Here in NZ we do not use this?
Added ;p

Spare seatposts… maybe a clamp too just in case you over tighten it.

Just a reminder to everyone who is keen on the Wainui Trail Project Night Muni ride

  • bring along some night lights (helmet mounted works best).

Also…if you’re flying in from overseas…make sure your tyres are well scrubbed. NZ customs are very strict.

Spare seatpost clamp check, even tho I’ve never broken one XD

I’ll let K1 supply my spare seatpost.

your unicycle :smiley:

AHHH!!! Thank you so much, without you I would have left it behind ;p

I’m not bringin my unicycle :smiley:

Tony have a brand new for me waiting to be ride :p… I can’t wait to meet my new baby :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just carrying my tire and saddle :smiley:

Your list looks nice… Don’t forget you teeth brush :wink:

My sister already started to pack her stuff… I still have to organize everything, organize my computer, cables, cams… Everything…

SO CLOSE :smiley:

toothbrush (toiletries in general)
spoke wrench
thongs/flip flops for using in the shower

Jandals in the shower, never heard of that one

Yeah, whats the hack saw for? :stuck_out_tongue:

Cutting spare seat posts :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually… I think I am bringing my own mini inflatable mattress.

Im on top of this YO

Oh right lol


Well then, Pele I have you covered!

night wear lol. so ur going to pack a bit of nothing as well r u?

im gona copy this list and modify it to suit me. also i think ill hav to buy deodorant wen i arrive. might b difficult to get it thru airport security

Edit: the not wearing anything at night joke was a joke. please wear some pants, guys.

By night wear I ment… something more suitable then my torn jeans and unicycle gear lol


Good idea. I should probably get a Wellington map but otherwise I think I’ve got everything. I leave for the North Island tomorrow. Driving up all the way to hastings, sigh…