UNICON 21 volunteer Lisa Krack: learned to uni after driving an RTL Team

Lisa Krack drove the Surly Speed Goats support van during RTL: Dan Hansen (MN), Dave Krack ¶ and Morgan Griffth (IN) placed 9th overall. For UNICON 21 Lisa handles Sponsorship and Marketing. She writes in her bio: “Unicyclist for 15 years. I learned after driving for a team during Ride the Lobster. Didn’t think I could because I have vertigo issues, but I heard it could help with that. It did, but I’m still a very timid rider.”


Awesome UNICON logo!

Who would have thought that someone with vertigo could not only ride a unicycle, but benefit from it, as well! Thanks for sharing that very interesting tidbit of counter-intuitive information.


The folks in Bemidji maybe designed their own logo? Don’t know. Checking out the site, I went looking for RTL-familiar names, and found Lisa—whose husband Dave Krack rode for Team Surly Speed Goats. Lisa drove the support van. Amazed, like you, that getting on a uni had such a positive effect on her condition.
Thanks for your response to the post!

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Well whoever made that logo is a very talented artist. Dave is lucky to have a wife who first drives in support of his hobby and then takes up the same activity! Sounds like a fun couple.

Dave Krack has also taken on some responsibilities at Unicon 21. A fun couple? Sure, here’s his picture from the event website https://www.unicon21.us/our-team/directors

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